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Jonathan Aston Spot Backseam Tights

Now let’s try something new; sport mode with a pair of pretty feminine tights. I have always though about putting backseams with something sporty casual, and today I decided to go for it. I wanted to try it out to see what it would be like, and could it carry off as well as I imagine?

Not only that I was super happy to get my hands on Jonathan Aston once again (he is one of my favourite UK brands)

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: A – Small

Denier: Around 20

Materials: 90% Polyamide, 9% Elastane, 1% Cotton

Price: £11.99

Website: UKTights – Jonathan Aston Spot Backseam Tights

My Outfit

Instead of dressing these up with work attire like I normally would, I thought I would go for a casual / sporty look instead – I wanted to see what it would look like with a backseam paired with a hoodie!

I went with my longline hoodie paired with my white high tops. I was going for black trainers to begin with, but decided against it and went for white instead to brighten the outfit.

My Deets

Hoodie: George @ ASDA

Tights: Jonathan Aston

Trainers: JustFab



The Review

From The Website: Spot Backseam is the very definition of contrast. The subtle polka dot contrast with the gentle shading of the mock hold up. Then you have the sharpness of the backseam and the simplicity of the thigh area. Altogether, this design should be utterly overdesigned, but it is thoroughly well put together and striking. This is how you do contrasting fashion.

* Spots over the knee
* Mock hold ups
* Sheer leg
* Backseam detail
* 90% Polyamide
* 9% Elastane
* 1% Cotton


The Packaging: so the packaging screams ‘simply sensual’ – quite clean and simple on the front with the model wearing the hosiery. The back goes into a little more detail about the hosiery brand along with the sizing guide and hosiery care.

When you get in, these are wrapped in their own plastic packaging; flat folded around plain card inside.


Getting Them On: now I had double trouble once I started rolling these on. I first had to make sure I got the seam right from the soles and then work it up the legs. I then had to bring in that thick band and make sure that lines up equally on their side, still trying to keep the seams straight. After that, I had to make sure that the seams still stay straight right to the very end so I don’t need to mess about with them later on.

It required some work, but it’s easily done if you deal with seams on a regular basis.


On The Legs: well I have to say I do quite like these. The hoodie sits on that thick band nicely, making it look like I have nylon cycle shorts on underneath. I like how it’s already creating different looks …

The denier being 20 (on most of the leg) really does help the backseam and the thick band to stand out on the legs, not to mention the polka dots too. I really like how much is going on here; you have all sorts of things happening on the legs, yet it works out so well not causing too much havoc on the eyes.

The quality of these are real good; I haven’t had one snag or rip yet, and I have been doing errands and all sorts in them today so I am super impressed. I can see this pair lasting me a good while.

The fit of them are true to size, so do check the sizing guide before you buy. I felt these were the right fit for my height and leg length. The feel of them are soft and smooth, with a lovely matte finish to them. This isn’t rough in any way, which I like as it won’t be catching onto my hoodie all the time and letting it say across the legs.

I really do quite like this design paired with my outfit … I’m glad I did it now


The Toes & Ankle: I don’t think the toes are reinforced this time, so do be careful if you have long or sharp nails that you don’t do creating holes. I was fine being in these all day; there was no pressure added, I had enough wiggle room for my toes and my feet could still breathe in them.

The ankles have a lovely fitted finish as well.


The Waistband: now the waistband is a thicker denier – much like the thigh bands – which also works into a fake panty. I couldn’t show you fully what they’re like, but they have the infamous panty triangle and the front and back, which helps if you are the type of go commando in your hosiery.

The band itself is quite slim, with reinforcement all around. I loved being in these as they fit so well, and hugged so nicely on the waist. these didn’t roll over themselves either at any point, or lose elasticity either which I am happy about.




My Thoughts?

I really dig these. I think these are super cool and really versatile. You could easily pair this for work or for a night out with a simple dress. Either way, I would certainly recommend them for sure!

3 thoughts on “Jonathan Aston Spot Backseam Tights

  1. Good afternoon Soni,

    You’re looking stunning in these backseam dot tights.Though I like to say I was a bit dissapointed,caused by the fact there isn’t a photo of your 👣sole,wich I’m not able to see if the seam is running all the way to your gorgeous toes Goddess.Anyway I like to thank you for this review😉

    Greetz Andre😘