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Jonathan Aston Shimmering Stars Tights

Bring out the shimmer to brighten up those darker days and trying to cheer myself up now that Xmas is over and done with. I picked these up as I was mooching through eBay seeing what I could get my hands on, and I was amazed that they were only going for £1.99.

I’ve always liked JA tights to be fair; the quality in my eyes has always been decent and lasts for a good few wears. So when I saw this pair (and I have never seen a pair like this before) I so wanted to get my hands on them to review!

The Spec

Colour: Silver

Size: A – Small

Denier: Around 15

Price: £1.99

Website: eBay – Jonathan Aston Tights Pantyhose Shimmering Stars

My Outfit

I kept it pretty simple for work today. I wore my long jumper paired with my thigh high boots and left my hair all simple. It was a proper chill day in the office so I thought I would dress just like that too 🙂

My Deets

Jumper: New Look

Tights: Jonathan Aston

Boots: Deichmann



The Review

The Packaging: so the packaging I haven’t seen it like this before; something completely new to my eyes for sure. It seems proper retro-style, which I quite like. Very basic though as well in terms of information about the tights etc.

When you get in, these are wrapped around card, and folded horizontally so you get that foot and leg shaping to them too. These are super delicate so do bear that in mind when you come to get them on.


Getting Them On: now these are so delicate, and I mean like super delicate so the satin hosiery gloves came out to play with this pair. Once again using my normal scrunch and roll technique going up the legs, I took great care doing so this time to make sure I don’t end up ripping these by accident.


On The Legs: I gotta say these are pretty awesome; they shade different in various lighting which I quite like. In normal office lighting, they are more on the whiter side, but with flash and close up, they either shimmer the hell out of your legs or they look super toned down. I just love how much it does for your legs without even trying.

The denier I mentioned is really thin, I’m looking around 15 approx. These are more of a summer or party pair I know, but pairing it with black can instantly make it work for the office or other working environments.

The quality of these are actually really good; they don’t run or snag as easily as I thought and they have good durability. I can’t say you get stretch in these but as these feel more nylon than elastane, you won’t really get that.

The fit of these are to size, so do make sure you check sizing before you buy. The feel of them I gotta say are kinda grainy rough in order to get that proper shimmer. It’s not an issue, and doesn’t irritate the legs so it’s a bonus really. I thought they were comfortable enough to be in 🙂

The design with the stars makes the tights that extra bit cuter; if that shimmer wasn’t enough. I love how they’re subtle yet enough.


The Toes & Ankle: so as you can see the toe seams have a little issue staying in place. These were straight when I got them on and then that’s how they end up after a day’s wear. I couldn’t readjust as I was in long boots all day.

In terms of what they feel like on the feet; they don’t irritate the skin at all, there is plenty of wiggle room for the toes and overall these don’t squeeze your feet throughout the day.

Around the ankles, these are a smooth wrinkle-free finish 🙂


The Waistband: so these have a boxer brief to them, so mini skirts might be an issue with these. The band itself was great until it started to roll over itself, which then started to dig in slightly. It wasn’t too much of an issue, but as I was sitting all day I felt these start to dig in a little.

They hold up the tights well throughout the day and do have plenty of elasticity in them as well, so no problem there 🙂



My Thoughts?

I am so glad I got myself a pair of these to try out. It was a rare find and I am glad I got to review the. A proper little party gem!

2 thoughts on “Jonathan Aston Shimmering Stars Tights

  1. Loved your reviews on these they look great on your legs. Seen these on ebay in my size just wasn’t sure about getting them till I seen them on your legs. Just wish I would of got a pair in my size now that have seen them on you.