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Jonathan Aston Sheer Check Tights

Bring on an office look seeing as it has been so long since I have dressed up in office attire. I decided to do a little smart casual look with this pair – I could have easily opted for a shirt but it was pretty warm so went with a t-shirt instead.

This cute pair was sent by Jonathan Aston themselves and I knew they were right up my street as soon as I saw them!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: A – Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 93% Polyamide, 6% Elastane, 1% Cotton

Price: £9.99

Website: UKTights – Jonathan Aston Sheer Check Tights

My Outfit

I went with a plain white t-shirt, high waisted pencil skirt and suede court shoes. I added silver drop earrings to finish off the look, and forgot the lippy!

My Deets

T-Shirt: Dorothy Perkins

Skirt: Mango

Tights: Jonathan Aston

Shoes: Fashion Thirsty via Amazon



The Review

From The Website: Jonathan Aston have released one of the largest collections of abstract designs we have ever seen from them. But they also love to add something more familiar and traditional too. Here, they’ve added both. The horizontal and vertical lines are abstract and eye catching by themself, but together they form a gorgeous and classic check pattern. This is how you blend abstract and traditional together perfectly.

* 20 denier
* Sheer leg
* Check pattern
* 93% Polyamide
* 6% Elastane
* 1% Cotton


The Packaging: there isn’t much to their packaging, but I quite like it too. I have worn their brand for so long so I can spot their packaging from miles away. Plus this is beneficial for those who don’t really care too much about the brand and are just after the design or a pair of tights in general.

One thing I will let you know is through that back window, you can spot that there is already a small snag. I wasn’t too impressed, so I am hoping that there won’t be many more before I even get them on.


On The Legs: so after that little snag peering through, I can’t say I say anymore dotted around the legs. I took my time getting these on as they aren’t silky smooth to roll up, so you will need to take some care, especially if you wear your anklets on the inside like I do.

The quality of them are actually pretty good considering I started off with a snag. They have not snagged since and I am so thankful. I suppose it helped wearing a longer skirt to prevent that from happening to be honest!

The fit of these are great; they have plenty of length to them so I don’t need to tug them up and they have a nice amount of stretch so they cling to the legs well too! The feel of them are semi-smooth, with a slight rough feel from time to time. As it’s a matte finish, they aren’t always smooth, which can be a pain sometimes!

The design let me just say is a favourite! I love how statement-like they are but kept super classy. I don’t think I could wear these casually (well actually thinking about it I could) as it looks so formal without even trying.

This is one of those pairs that takes a simple outfit and transforms it with minimal effort.


The Toes & Ankle: and once again please excuse the non-existent nail varnish before I start getting criticised! As you can see, these have a plain toe strip going across the front and back, but there is no mention of it being reinforced – pretty confused as to why the design just didn’t start from the toe seam then! Never mind…

The toes have plenty of wiggle room and space to breathe, and there is no extra material on the sides so you get a real nice fit around the toes. The feet has a lovely fitted finish with no issues either.

Around the ankles … well all nice and smooth here too.


The Waistband: now this comes slightly higher than my belly button, but it’s not too much of an issue as it doesn’t roll down during the day when you’re walking around in them. The band is comfortable and hugs the waist real nice.

Now mentioning the noticeable – the patterns stops right at the top of the thighs, which means you get this whole section of reinforcement in a thicker denier. This means that anything super short would look real weird if you had the boxer brief part showing at any point, so something to consider there.




My Thoughts?

I gotta say I love these – a great pair for the office for sure and a real head turner. I loved the quality of them – as long as you are good to them, they can be to you! The design as well is one of my favourites to create a sophisticated look!

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