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Jonathan Aston Romance Tights

A big thank you to one of my longest followers @chefjona for these cuties!

I don’t tend to go outside of my blacks and nudes, however I thought I would shake it up a little and a whole variety to my wishlist to try out and I’m glad I did.

It was hard trying to pair these up with an outfit – I found it easier doing it with a smart work outfit. However having a day off, in my eyes trying to pair it with a casual outfit was way harder as I didn’t want to look like a total little kid!

So I have to say there is a lot I can say about these:

  • They’re not easy to snag (I cut my nails the other day and I ended up snagging one of my new tights, whereas when I got these on it didn’t catch it at all. I was super impressed I have to say!)
  • I love the floral lace at the bottom working it’s way up to plain sheer. You can play around with this – either cover the plain sheer with a skirt and keep it all floral below or opt for a similar outfit to mine and show off both aspects.
  • Even though I said it was great for me to pair up, I’m sure it might be easier for others to do it if they wear colour a lot. It’s a blush pink which I’ve never come across unless it was a pair of kid’s tights so I found it pretty daunting to begin with until I had a play around with different outfits.
  • They came packaged well too – wrapped around the cardboard.
  • They’re so lovely and soft – and you can notice that too without even touching them!
  • Easy to glide on and off (especially with the lace around my anklets!)
  • They hold up really well. I was a little worried as having slightly chunky thighs I could see it stretch at the top and I thought damn these aren’t gonna stay up for long – but they did ☺
  • They do make any outfit you would choose super cute and girly – especially if you opt for this pink and not the black version. I chose to do nudes and white just to play it safe as it’s the first time I’m in this colour.

The blah points:

  • No reinforced toes with these in afraid due to the lace working it’s way up from toe to knee.
  • You might need to roll up and down a few times to kine up the lace so it sits a above your knees. It took me a few tries until I got it right.


The deets for today:

Cami Top – New Look

Kimono Cardigan – Dorothy Perkins

Skater Skirt – H&M

Tights – J.A Romance Tights via Amazon

Trainers – Converse Originals


6 thoughts on “Jonathan Aston Romance Tights

      1. I actually love how you paired your tights up with a pair of Converse sneakers. In fact, the whole outfit looks fun!