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Jonathan Aston Mimi Tights

Monday is here – the sun is out so the legs are out! Well covered but out.

I looked into my cupboard this morning wondering which pair of tights I should wear today. I was going to opt for a pair that I’ve had for a while to team up with this dress (which by the way is new) but then I realised I have so many reviews that I still need to do. So I went with these new babies – Jonathan Aston Mimi Tights.

I decided to dedicate this whole week to all the new gifts I have received from my followers! Not a single trouser day for me this week!

I have to admit I love these tights – J.A are one of my ultimate favourite makes!!

The outfit is a tad dark today, but then again with the sun out it isn’t so bad:

  • I love the pattern that goes up the legs and across the ankle and thigh – so unusual yet it works so well. It gives it that sultry yet sophisticated look.
  • Easy to roll on and hard to snag.
  • It’s a smooth soft sheer – bonus! I love the feel of these!
  • These could go with any outfit to be honest – with it being a dark denier (I say around 40-60), it would work really well with block colours to make the design pop and with neutrals too.
  • I would like to wear these with smart-wear than casual-wear just because of the pattern – it’s classy so you do need to keep that intact.
  • A good tight waistband to stop them falling – nobody wants the gusset to be half way down their thighs!


Now the not so good:

  • I’m double minded about the denier of these – I would have preferred it to be slightly lighter.
  • Not too sure if it has the reinforced toe – I forgot to check the pack this morning!!!!!
  • Just be mindful – for chunky thighs the design at the top will stretch slightly so think about this before buying.
  • I don’t think I would team a black outfit with these – as I mentioned before it would make it too dark. Although a black skater dress would work really well than a fitted pencil skirt (for example). You will need something slightly shorter (around mid-thigh) to show these off to the max.


The deets for you:

Shirt Dress – off eBay

Tights – Jonathan Aston Mimi Tights via Amazon

Booties – Forever 21


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