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Jonathan Aston Luminosity Tights (Bronze)

Oh god these are so shiny – good job the sun isn’t out today otherwise all you would see are two glitter poles walking!

Thank you to my follower who gifted me these – they are absolutely out of this world!


My Outfit Today

Well to show these babies off I went back to black and added in a touch of brown to compliment them!

My jersey dress with a waist belt was perfect along with my strappy shoes to make them the feature piece today!

My Deets:

Dress: Boo Hoo

Belt: Jane Norman

Tights: Via Amazon

Shoes: Simmi Shoes


The Review

Well it has been a while since I have reviewed Jonathan Aston, but I am so glad that I am because I love his brand!

The packaging is always spot on with J.A – the tights shown at the front noting the colour in the right hand colour with a small peep hole at the top showing the actual pair.

These were easy to get on – you don’t even have to scrunch and roll if you don’t want to. They were fine going over the anklets too, so you know you have a sturdy pair of nylons here!

They have reinforced toes, which you will see in the pic below. They shade the bronze, which would actually look good if you wore peep toes – giving that contrast between block and shimmer.

The band on these are really good – they stay put all day and don’t end up falling down or anything. They are also sheer from toe to waist – you will see an invisible cut-off point but it’s nothing noticeable.

These don’t snag easily either – I have been carrying stuff all day which most has hit my legs and they haven’t caught once! So I am pleased about that!

I absolutely love how shiny they are – they are just amazing and nothing like what I currently own! These are in a world of their own – they just sparkle and shimmer in whichever lighting you are in. I would love to see what these look like in sunlight!


The only bad thing I would say about these is the colour. Now I know I picked bronze, and even though that isn’t near my skin colour, they do make my legs look slightly bigger than they are. I am not too sure if that is down to the colour of them only, but it’s kinda off-putting and didn’t make me feel womanly like I normally do. I was slightly more conscious in them today! I suppose if I went for a lighter shade, then it would be completely different. But hey, you trial and error!


So would I recommend? Oh hell yes. I would say make sure you get a shade nearer to your skin colour rather than be daring like I did. I think these are fabulous and can work both day and night too! Perfect for A/W coming up and all those parties!


By the way the true shade of these will be on the first pic of the feet and the second-to-last picture – that is the actual shade and the rest are taken in different lighting and angles so gave off a different shade.


5 thoughts on “Jonathan Aston Luminosity Tights (Bronze)

  1. Love the black dress, as it truly accents the bronze, or tan tights. Love the shiny, sheer tights. This would also be fantastic with shiny, sheer, tan tights, particularly with the black dress. Great combination.

  2. Great review they look magnificent on your legs. Have to agree with all you said in your review in fact I have a blue pair I bought and yes my profile photo is mine am wearing fantastic shine love wearing them.