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Jonathan Aston Luminosity Tights (Black)

So guess what?  I managed to do a work set!! I didn’t have time in the morning to get it done before I left and I certainly knew I wasn’t going to have time after work so I thought why not try and get some snaps in where I can? And worked seem to be the one!

Now this review will be similar to the one that I did before with the bronze – Jonathan Aston Luminosity Tights (Bronze) so it out go into grave detail about it as I’d just be repeating myself (here’s one of the images below in its true form::


However I do love them in black more than I do in bronze – I suppose it’s solely because I can work with them much better and they match up with everything whereas bronze was a little harder. Bronze eoukd actually work a little better now that winter is here just to perk up an outfit.

So with this review, it’s more about showing off the black rather than my pros and cons. I do have to admit I did snag these slightly when I got them on so not too happy about that although it wasn’t as bad as I thought!

So here they are looking glorious as ever – Please excuse the crappy quality on some of them my front camera wasn’t up to it!


3 thoughts on “Jonathan Aston Luminosity Tights (Black)

  1. WOW!!!!! Simply amazing. Your legs and feet look perfect in these pantyhose and love the way your feet look in those heels. You make something pop up every time I see your pictures.

    Thank you for this.