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Jonathan Aston Graceful Tights

I’m Back!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

So after a nice break away in India, I am back to my reviewing! These gorgeous things were gifted by a follower who has bought me so much recently so going to try my hardest to make it through all them as soon as possible!

Right I’m gonna cut to the chase because I’m too excited to type this all out:

  • Packaged well as Jonathan always does – only bad point is that the cardboard was inside a leg as well as outside so it ended up snagging a tad taking it out.
  • I love how soft the lace is on these and the contrast of them – it just makes your outfit stand out so much more!
  • It has a gorgeous design around the hips (I did not show) and it doesn’t state that in the packaging do that was a nice surprise!!
  • I love the 20 denier sheer you get at the top – this whole style is just a big fat YES from me! 🙋
  • I teamed up smart casual but I would rather stick to that than go casual with these tights. I feel it would lose the effectiveness that they give. But definitely pair with heels 👠 – I only teamed with wedges as I was running around at work today!!

Now surprisingly I do have a few not so good points to make:

  • You have to mess about with these to make sure the lace sits on the knees – I put them on only to find out that it was the wrong way around.
  • It does snag easily as mentioned previously so be aware of this.
  • No reinforced toe as it’s all lace at the bottom.

Overall would I recommend? – Yes I would as they’re lovely and a really nice statement piece to have in your collection.

Today’s deets:

Vest – New Look

Skater Skirt – River Island

Kimono Jacket – H&M

Tights – Graceful by J.A via Amazon

Wedges – Toms


3 thoughts on “Jonathan Aston Graceful Tights

  1. Welcome back Sonia.
    How lucky to come back to some new goodies to review. (Really looking forward to that)
    These do look lovely. Totally agree they would be better paired with heels, but I guess you have to be practical at work.
    Loved the outfit anyway.
    Nicole 😘😘