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Jonathan Aston Fusion Tights

Ooooo I love revisiting brands I used to do before. I love trying out new ones, but it’s always nice to go back and say hello! Now these pair are another little gift that I added to my wishlist, and I think they are so funky!

When it comes to patterns, I like trying all sorts rather than florals and lace and all that jazz. I like trying out ones that people wouldn’t really go for or only wear when it’s for a costume or something.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Denier: 20

Price: £8.36

Website: Amazon – Ladies 1 Pair Jonathan Aston Fusion Geometric Diamond Tights


My Outfit

I wore my burgundy/plum/aubergine/purpley bodysuit with my ribbed bodycon skirt, keeping it simple with these tights. Heels were my burgundy-ish coloured court shoes with I thought worked really well with the outfit!

I had my hair down and added a simple velvet choker to the outfit.

My Deets

Top: New Look

Skirt: New Look

Tights: Jonathan Aston

Heels: Essex Glam


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The Review

From The Website: Show a strikingly contemporary leg in these intricately patterned Jonathan Aston Fusion Geometric Diamond Tights – all dramatic angles, arrows and chevrons, in a novel design to grace and elongate your legs from this British hosiery line. These Fusion Geometric Diamond Tights have been impeccably manufactured in Italy for Jonathan Aston with a sophisticated, sheer leg in a matte finish, patterned through to the waist, making them suitable for adding to any length of hem for skirts and dresses, and with a sewn in cotton gusset.

1 Pair Pack

20 denier, Matt finish

86% Polyamide, 13% Elastane, 1% Cotton

Sheer to waist

Machine washable at 40°



The Packaging: so the front has the model wearing the hosiery along with the brand name, make and size stated. The back goes into a little more detail about JA, hosiery care and the sizing guide of course.


Once you get inside, you will find CARDBOARD IN ONE LEG! Now I am not too impressed with this, purely because these tights are gonna be delicate anyways and the last thing I want is snags on the tights due to the card piece!

What I did find before I even got the chance to remove the card was small snags dotted around the hosiery; how annoying!



Getting Them On: so hosiery gloves are a must with these, especially if they are already snagged in the packet!

I did the scrunch and roll on both legs, but I had to roll down and tug them up a little more as the first time I found that the gusset wasn’t sitting against me, so I had to make sure I tugged them a little higher so they sit. When you start moving about or walking, the tights will gradually fall into place on the legs anyways.



On The Legs: I gotta say these sit very nice and snug on the legs, so the point they don’t move an inch once they’re on. They’re not completely tight fitted, but they ain’t going nowhere if you get my drift.

The feel of them is a weird one; smooth matt denier with the design raised, which means when you run your hands down, the design can be felt on the top.

The denier is great for minimal leg coverage and it works well against the darker design.

The quality isn’t that great if I am honest; I found snags to begin with before even getting my hands on them and I managed to get another couple throughout the day. Normally JA is a really good brand that I used to swear by for quality and fashion, but I’m not too sure with this pair.

The design works right from the toe seam all the way to the band, so you can get away with wearing anything short with these! I love how it merges 3 different print styles all into one!


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The Toes & Ankles: now seeing as I had to tug up the second time round, this meant that my toes were getting the brunt of it! To begin with, there was pressure put on them, but after a pinch and pull away from the toes, they were fine.

These are unreinforced so you will need to be careful with longer/sharper nails as I have a feeling they will slip right on through!

Around the ankles, these fit great! No creasing, no crinkling, just a smooth finish up the leg!



The Waistband: is a comfortable one. It sits around the belly button area and stays put all day. I didn’t find them rolling down on themselves or slipping down at all, as these do cling onto you really well.



My Thoughts?

Overall I love the design on these and how amazing they look on the legs. The only downside I found was that these were already snagged before I got them on.

The fit it great and they feel so soft on the legs; the quality is ok apart from the little morning mishap and I would still recommend these!

4 thoughts on “Jonathan Aston Fusion Tights

  1. Sometimes, I find anyway, that there can be too much going on with the pattern that detracts from the curves and shape of the legs. Not in this case. The natural beauty of the leg still shines through ☺
    I like them 👌👍

  2. These tights look fantastic looking on your legs am sure they would look great on my cause do have nice legs to. Only downside by the review was the snags for that reason wouldn’t buy these all other the design I just love. When I buy tights or pantyhose new I don’t want snags before I get them on Had the same issue with 2 pairs of Jonathan Aston luminosity tights but was nice got full refund.