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Jonathan Aston Fou Fou Stockings

I gotta say this must be a seriously old pair of Jonathan Aston hosiery. I stumbled across these as I was searching through eBay and I thought to myself I have never seen a pair like this before. I checked out the packaging, and it looked super old – well I shouldn’t say old but yeah old. LOL!

Now as these are no longer available to purchase as I got the last one from the seller, maybe try a Google search using the title name to see if you can come across a pair.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: A (Small)

Denier: Around 15

Materials: 100% nylon

Price: £9.99

Website: eBay – Link now unavailable

My Outfit

So there’s me trying to get into the Spring mood with my florals, but still keeping it dimmed down with the blacks. I wore my bodysuit paired with my floral lace skirt and added my velvet and satin mules.

My Deets

Bodysuit: New Look

Skirt: H&M

Stockings: Jonathan Aston

Heels: Debenhams



The Review

The Packaging: so this is what I mean with the packaging. If you see Jonathan Aston’s recent collections, they are nothing like this for sure so this is how you can tell they go way back.

The front shows you the stockings and their design, with the back being super plain. It’s pretty basic to be honest, with not much information about them at all.

So when you get in, you will find 2 pieces of slim card in each leg of these, and as these are a matte finish, they will need some care getting them out. I nearly ended up snagging them when I was taking it out of one leg.


On The Legs: okay so after being in a full day and evening in them, I have to say these aren’t the greatest pair I have been in.

The quality of these, for a start, are not at all leg friendly. Not only do they make you itch, they actually snag so easily and quickly. I ended up with so many on the front and back of my legs. I was so careful as well as they so feel quite rough to touch and not at all smooth, so I instantly knew that these were gonna be an issue for me today!

The fit of them are great as they do stretch out on the legs if necessary, but that also makes the pom poms at the back sit awkwardly. I found one was sitting higher than the other at times, and it was so hard to try and adjust them to make sure they sit level. I can’t tell you how much hassle they did cause me throughout the day!

The design is one that I really do like and think it looks amazing, but honestly it’s more hassle than its worth and when you’re wearing them to work, the last thing you want is to keep adjusting them. The amount of times the seams started going bent at the top was unreal – you might see a few images below of how they did especially after I had lined them up straight. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are super cute and look so lovely, but I’m just not feeling the amount of work I gotta put into them.


The Toes & Ankle: so the toes were good going for a while, until I managed to rip them. These aren’t reinforced in any way, so you do need to be mindful of that, but for me it was too late!

The seam start right from the toe seams, so it’s best to try and line up from the bottom.

Around the ankles, they were a smooth finish, but the backs were a hassle.


The Bands: now a good part!!!! The bands are that rough thick denier material, so you know these will clasp great and stay put on the legs. I had no issues with them whatsoever to be honest. They are a medium sized band, which is great if you want to sit them higher up the thighs so they aren’t fully exposed.



My Thoughts?

Yep this is just a straight no from me. These have more negative points than positive, so just no.

2 thoughts on “Jonathan Aston Fou Fou Stockings

  1. Good morning Soni,I like to thank you for doing this review today!You’re looking stunning in your gorgeous outfit and your stunning legs in these sexy backseam nylons and your lovely nyloned feet in those sexy mules,just awesome gorgeous👌🏻
    Have a nice day Goddess😉

    Greetz Andre😘