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Jonathan Aston Fishnet Holdups

So I do apologise for the late review everyone – work has been manic and wedding prep is getting into full force at home now with custom sets to do on top of all of it!

Thank you to my follower who gifted these – I do love fishnets and how many different styles you can create with them!


My Outfit

I went with my emerald green sleeveless shirt along with my midi leather skirt for a formal look and then to tone it down slightly I popped on my grey booties instead of black heels to make it that tad bit causal. As I said above, there are so many ways you can dress up fishnets (and down too!).

A high pony or straight hair would have given it that more authorative look whereas loose curls makes it more relaxed.

My Deets:

Sleeveless Shirt: H&M

Leather Skirt: Mango

Holdups: Via Amazon

Booties: Marks & Spencers


The Review

Very well packaged – J.A always is! It shows the details at the front and then a peep hole at the back to show you the colour and design of them. Very brief description stated at the back about the holdups.

One was put over the cardboard to show the design so I won’t put that down as a negative point but I wasn’t too happy as you need to be careful with fishnets that they don’t get caught on the ends of the cardboard.

Th silicone is pretty strong – I had to use a bit of force to prise them away! And they stay on really well too. Don’t budge at all!

They’re easy to line up as well – if you look on the band you will see a little seams at the top where they meet together. Use this seam to help you line up the backseam of the holdups on your legs. It did the trick with me! Also there is a patch at the bottom of the foot where the fishnets all meet so make sure this is centered well and the backseam should be straight all the way!

I do have to say that the net isn’t that great – I already got a hole in them after it caught onto my toe and snagged it! So not too pleased! Luckily it’s in a place that I can cover it up (near my toes) otherwise it can look slightly trashy! 😳

The band on these are lovely – I think it totally suits the fishnets and actually makes them look classy instead of vulgar. The lace work is beautiful!

Overall opinion? I do like these and think they’re super snazzy! With it being the smaller net it can be worked in many ways – casual, smart, funky, sexy. You name it?


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