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Well I’m pretty impressed with my outfit this morning – took me a while to pluck up the courage to wear these J.A’s, as I haven’t worn some in this style for a while.

I bought these a while back and haven’t had a chance to review them as many of my followers have been gifting over the past few months and theirs was a priority over mine.

But now that I have bashed through nearly all of them, I can start making my way through the rest.

So let’s get started as I have a busy morning writing this one up for you all and then an exclusive for LegsLavish:

  • Packaging is always done well with J.As.
  • I love the panel design – it’s also easy to line up against your leg if you get your starting point right. You need to make sure when you scrunch down that the line is sitting near enough straight on your toes and once you roll up, it should be easy. You may need to mess around with it a few times if you are not sure.
  • The contrast between the 10 and 80 denier split between the grey stripe is so different, especially when you are walking! I have had a pair where it has been the opposite way around (black front and sheer back) and they were dead funky.
  • It gives that little edge to your outfit (but that depends on what you are wearing) – I went with electric blue and grey just to pair up with them rather than make them a statement piece.
  • The design goes right from the toes all the way to the waist band, so shorts, mini-skirts and dresses don’t need to suffer with that cut-off!
  • A good fitting waistband to these as well – I did a bit of running (into work) this morning as they have stayed up the whole way so I’m happy! I hate it when you can feel them start slipping down!


There were a few cons I picked up on:

  • These do snag extremely easily (on the sheer part)– I snagged them taking them out the packaging against the cardboard and also when rolling them on. I even snagged them at the back of the knee against my car seat (which is fabric!!!!) so not entirely impressed.
  • They don’t have reinforced toes – apart from where the toes are half covered with the panel design. So if you have long nails, please be careful in these as I can see them ripping easily at the toes.


In my opinion, I would keep these for work as you can dress them up smart causal rather than casual. I tried them with shorts once before and they didn’t really work with me.

I would try to pair with an evening or night-out outfit, but would need to think what dress or skirt would go with that type of design.


Overall, would I recommend? I would if you do have an outfit in mind that it would go with. I bought these without one and I struggled for a while to stick one together. It was easy enough in the end, but looking at them, I couldn’t visualise what I would team them with. Also bear in mind the snagging, it does ruin the look a little unless you like that type of style.


My deets for today:

Bodycon Dress – AX Paris

Tights – via Amazon

Booties – Marks & Spencers


3 thoughts on “Jonathan Aston Energy

  1. I see what you mean about planning an outfit to go with them. I’d be hopeless at that lol. I didn’t like the idea of these at first glance but they’ve kinda grown on me after seeing your whole outfit. Nice work 😘

  2. Hello Soni, hope you’re well? I recently started following you on Instagram when I came across some of your pages and noticed how elegant you looked in all the photos.
    You dressed really lovely and suit everything you wear. then i noticed you were doing a blog so I had a little peek at it. What a fabulous blog all the detail and reviews etc about tights, stockings, clothes and shoes, this makes my day now as I look forward for the next review.
    I might keep the comments coming too.
    Keep up the good work.