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Jonathan Aston Blossom Tights

It’s heating up! It’s heating up!!! .. And that means that the gorgeous patterns are now out! Put aside the black (even though I actually won’t) and get those nudes out! I have to admit I wasn’t too sure which hosiery to wear this morning, so I went with ones that are from UKTights, seeing as they have the ultimate cute factor!!

Now I got to say I may regret wearing these as my legs are already perspiring and I have literally just jumped out the shower, but I’m gonna rock them and see how I get on!!

The Spec

Colour: Nude

Size: A / Small

Denier: 20 denier

Price: £10.99

Website: Jonathan Aston Blossom Tights

My Outfit

I have been dying to wear this dress again after putting it away for so long. It’s one of those that don’t look right if the sun is not out, so finally I can slip into it and rock it with these beauties on my legs! I teamed them up with some pink peep toe lace booties and then just added small silver drop earrings just to make it look a little more dressy!

My hair is just annoying the hell out of me at the moment – I have no idea what to do with it, so I ended up leaving it and then tying it up during the day and then out again! I seriously cannot make up my mind!

Oh I can’t forget the belt – I do love this belt. It came off another shirt dress I had, and now I just pair it with everything. It’s just a gorgeous string belt that can work with so much, so anytime this dress comes out, the belt does too!

My Deets

Dress: Miss Selfridge

Shoes: George @ ASDA

Earrings: Bought ages ago so can’t remember

Tights: Jonathan Aston via UKTights


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The Review

From the website:

“* 20 Denier
* Delicate blossom pattern
* Beautifully sheer
* 82% Polyamide
* 12% Polypropylene
* 6% Elastane”

“Blossom is the classic floral fashion tights given new life. The smaller-than-usual motifs and the careful addition of little splashes of colour give this design a quaint and delightful appearance. The final result is a pair of fashion tights that look like something from a country cottage, with the classic floral tights not missing from the picture either.”

Like the other Jonathan Aston review I did for the Bambi tights, this is very similar. It is part of his new collection which I am truly loving! At the front, the model is wearing the black version of the tights, and at the back there’s some blurb about the JA brand:

“JONATHAN ASTON fashion hosiery is a true celebration of colour and texture  that is  linked inseparably to the fashion culture of London.
Since the sixties, the exciting and colour collections of JONATHAN ASTON fashion hosiery, have adorned leg of the world over. Today, we still proudly produce fashion hosiery which reflects perfectly the mood of contemporary fashion coming from the world’s most exciting fashion capital.”


When you’re inside you will find 2 lots of cardboard – 1 supporting the whole packaging and 1 inside the tights so you can clearly see the pattern of the hosiery. I had to be extra careful getting the board out of the, which luckily wasn’t too far down.


“If you ever have trouble, then all you need to do is scrunch and roll down, and use your teeth too slowly pull the board out whilst your holding your hosiery in place”

– That’s what I always do if my hubby isn’t around to do it for me.


So here goes the scrunch and roll up the legs – make sure you are extra careful around anklets as they may catch and snag! I was fine rolling these over mine. I found that these clung on really nicely, however I Found it slightly harder to get them to pull up the leg as my legs were getting slightly sweaty, so it does become harder but you will get there!

I had to pull and tug a few times to get them into place, but if your legs are lovely and dry and not moist, then you should be fine to do it all in one go!



The waistband is lovely on these; not too tight and not loose either. They sit just above my belly button, but did slowly move down during the day (I suppose my sweaty legs were tugging the tights down!!!)

There is enough room in these if you are a little bigger around the waist; I stretched them to see how far they would go and it’s pretty awesome how much room you have in these.



Going down to the toes the design starts right from the seams, which is perfect for the shoes I am in at the moment. You get to see the design all over the feet and peering through that peephole too! Excuse the plasters – I haven’t worn these shoes in so long, I forgot that these actually rub under my nail and slowly KILL MY TOES! So I had to stick on plasters to keep me going – there was no way I was changing my shoes during the day!

The best thing about these are that they are sheer toes (and I don’t think they’re reinforced which is a shame) but I love them anyways!



The design is just so cute and dainty. The model wore hers with an off-the-shoulder dress and created a more darker look, but with these you can wear it with anything and it would just be that subtle statement piece on the legs. I thought mine looked a bit too much at first, but when I got the outfit together, I really liked it and thought it was just perfect for a summer’s day.


The best way to show these off is in a pair of shorts or a mini skirt to emphasise the legs more, but for work I shall stick with knee length!



The denier is another amazing thing – we’re looking around 20 here I think. It does feel like it and I would be shocked if it was heavier than that! the colour of the tights is really nice as well, which makes the florals stand out against it. It doesn’t match my skin colour and actually makes it have more of a ‘tan’ look, but I quite like it and when the sun catches it, it looks adorable!

The best part is when the sun shines on them (or in my case when the flash is on) they actually shimmer! You wouldn’t think that when you see them on the legs, but I was amazed to see that as I thought it was a semi-matte finish!



Overall Thoughts?

All I will say is get yourself a pair for summer. They’re affordable, they’re cute as anything and these are not going anywhere this summer for me! I lived out of JA last year, and it seems like I’m carrying on with the tradition this year!

I love the quality, no snag or anything throughout the day, and these would be perfect if you want to layer a pair of lace socks on top as well to create an even daintier look with sandals!

Thank you UKTights and JA for these!


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