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Jonathan Aston Bambi Net Tights

Ah J.A it has been so long since I’ve been in your brand, and now that you’ve got your SS17 out, it’s a killer and I had to do a review on these pair!

As net is in at the moment, I’m gonna make the most of it before people start saying to me that it’s ‘out of fashion and you can’t wear it’ – blah blah blah!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: A/B – Small/Medium

Price: £9.99

Website: UKTights Jonathan Aston Bambi Tights


My Outfit

I went casual and sassy today with it! I wanted to something different with net; so far I’ve done it with work wear, a lot with jeans and I wanted to jazz it up for summer… And then I had an idea pop up!

White tank top (keeping it simple), black shorts with a black and gold belt (keeping it simple again), duster coat in khaki (add in some colour) and then to finish off the gorgeous laser cut suede booties in khaki!

Now we cannot forget that sweet necklace which was the statement for me; a lot of people commented on how much they loved it. I was surprised seeing as I picked it up for cheap in the Topshop sale!

I love the whole combo as it was simple but just enough in my eyes. I wanted to tone it down and make the hosiery a small statement piece and blend with the outfit rather than make it all leg leg leg!

My Deets

Tank Top: H&M

High Waisted Shorts: New Look

Choker: Topshop

Tights: Jonathan Aston via UKTights

Booties: New Look

Duster Coat: Miss Selfridge


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The Review

To start the review off, let me just grab the blurb from the UKTights website:

” * Micro net tights
* Perforated dot pattern
* 80% Polyamide
* 19% Elastane
* 1% Cotton “
“Jonathan Aston Bambi is a delightful item that brings a classic back into their collection for all to enjoy. The name is an allusion to the famous baby deer we all know and love, and the design matches this, with a dark base and flocked white dots like the markings on a young buck. But of course the pattern is mostly based on the beautiful and classic polka dot. It is a pin up favourite, that looks good no matter what you pair it with, and no matter the year or season.”
The Packaging: so if you don’t know about the JA packaging, it’s always a white outer with the model wearing the hosiery at the front and then a large window at the back showing you the tights along with some blurb at the top:
“JONATHAN ASTON fashion hosiery is a true celebration of colour and texture  that is  linked inseparably to the fashion culture of London.
Since the sixties, the exciting and colour collections of JONATHAN ASTON fashion hosiery, have adorned leg of the world over. Today, we still proudly produce fashion hosiery which reflects perfectly the mood of contemporary fashion coming from the world’s most exciting fashion capital.”



When you get inside, you will see that there is a piece of cardboard inside one of the legs, but I wouldn’t stress too much about it (I really tried not to) as it just slips out without catching the hosiery.



Getting Them On: I actually don’t think you need hosiery gloves with these pair (unless you really want) – I did my scrunch and roll without them as I thought it would be easier as they are net. I did find that these did get tighter as I was going to the bottom near the toes – which hints to me that they are very snug fitting on the legs!!


Now what I do love about these is that they just stretch to your legs, so you can wear them how you like. I wanted to keep it slightly even so i stretched from the ankle to the waist and let them fall naturally into place. I hate it when it’s a design like this and the on the thighs it’s stretched to the max but the calves just look perfect like they do on the model!




The Toes: Are my favourite part on these as they are reinforced. They have a dark denier strip going across them and then the design begins. I didn’t take a normal toe pic this time as I couldn’t be bothered to unwrap my shoes and take a quick pic!



On The Legs: they are so comfortable to be in. The net adjusts to your shape and just makes your legs look gorgeous – and I do mean that! Because of the thicker denier with the hole design, it silhouettes your shape and just enhances the good bits. I’m not too sure if that would be the case for those with bigger legs, but I do love these!



The Design: is something similar to the Gatta ones I did a few days ago to be honest, but this is in a league of its own. I do love JA purely because it’s affordable and the quality is just great. I have hardly had a problem with his collection over the years! The design is unique as as UKTights mentioned, it is something that can be worn in so many ways! I would do these under jeans, or with a really girly dress to give it some edge or with shorts again and paired with some trainers! They are versatile and perfect for those who want simple but effective!



Overall Thoughts?

I love them… Simple as that. I love the design, the quality, the versatility you can get from them! I think they’re a great pair for SS17 and can even work in winter with a pair of over-knee socks and some boots! These are just a pair there is no end to styling, and something that your wardrobe needs seeing as nets are in and looking to stay for a while longer!

Thank you UKTights for a fab pair and thank you JA for producing such a stunner!

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