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Jonathan Aston Aurora Spot Tights

Oh it feels so good to have Johnny baby back on my legs. I have to admit these were the brand I lived out of for years back in the day before I started experimenting, so when I saw his new collection drop, I had to get my hands on a pair. So thank you UKTights for stocking these Jonathan Aston Aurora Spot Tights

Now with this pair, I thought about my outfit before I got them on as I wanted to do something different. Something that I wouldn’t normally do… And that’s when that little *ping* went off…


My Outfit

That’s right lovelies, I did polka on polka! I never thought I would actually do pattern on pattern like this but I loved the idea and thought it looked dead awesome! I bought this shirt from Birmingham last week and was dying to wear it, and had the genius idea of doing polka top and bottom!

To break it up a tad, I opted for a bold colour skirt and added my new T-bar shoes to make it office worthy! I have never looked so professional in my life! I suppose having my hair up with studs does instantly change the look from smart casual to damn right professional.

You can always tone it down by leaving your hair out, changing your shoes to flats or even adding cuter earrings into the mix – but I have to say I am loving my outfit!

My Deets:

Shirt: Forever 21

Skirt: New Look

Tights: Via UKTights

Shoes: Principles via Debenhams


The Review

Let me begin by telling you what sold it to me (taken off UKTight’s website):

* Spot design

* High rise waist

* Mesh tights

* 82% Polyamide

* 11% Polypropylene

* 7% Elastane

Is there anything more classic than a polka dot pattern? Maybe a plain sheer can claim the title of being the world’s most versatile item, but when it comes to an actual pattern, you can’t beat the humble dotty tights design. These tiny white pin pricks stand out against their dark background and completely transform even the most domineering dark colour set you might choose. Even with a super chic all black wardrobe, these tights will break up the monotony and turn it all the way around.


This is when I realised I just need to buy them – forget everything and get them quick! One thing I still love about UKTights is their speedy delivery. After the order was placed, I got them on my doorstep 2 days later. I mean talk about efficient!!


That Model: So one thing I like about J.A is the attitude the model has when wearing them; confident, sexy, full of power like she owns the packaging. That’s one selling point when I see these and that’s exactly how I would like to feel in them! The front shows the model and the back has a small blurb at the top about J.A and then the rest is about washing and care for the hosiery along with the materials used to make them:

JONATHAN ASTON fashion hosiery is a true celebration of colour and texture that is linked inseparably to the fashion culture of London. Since the sixties, the exciting and colourful collections of JONATHAN ASTON fashion hosiery, have adorned legs of the world over. Today, we still proudly produce fashion hosiery which reflects perfectly the mood contemporary fashion coming to the world’s most exciting fashion capital.


Getting In: the first thing I noticed looking through the window is that these will have the cardboard in them – WIDE EYES AND ‘OH NO’ THOUGHTS! When I got into them, I have to admit the cardboard isn’t as bad as that I thought. It’s pretty soft and very smooth edges, so there should be no snagging (and luckily there wasn’t!) otherwise tantrums would have been flying about!


Getting Them On: is not a problem at all. I have to admit I left the hosiery gloves this time as I wanted to test the quality. Normally JA are amazing and hardly do snag easily. But seeing as my nails are still a little sharp, let’s test…

ANNNDDDD they came out perfect! Not a single snag was found. I know it did catch near the top but still nothing popped up! I didn’t scrunch and roll this time like I normally do, but just pulled them on over the legs like a kid and they went on fine. It would be harder to do if your legs are creamed before you get them on, but otherwise they went on smoothly without a fuss.


Toe Room: is limited but not as bad as you think. At first I was like ‘Oh c**p, there isn’t reinforced toes on these things’ but they did last very well in my new shoes, so another winning point! I normally hate it when they don’t have reinforced toes, but then again if they can last well throughout the day without a rip, then I will happily sit them in my collection. Now back to the wiggle room; after you get them on, I would advise you to wiggle your toes around to just let the tights fall and sit where they need to. Sometimes I pull mine up slightly high just to test them out and let them fall naturally. After I wiggled, then I had plenty of room without my toes being squished by the hosiery.


Look At Those Legs: because they look damn good in them for sure, and I wouldn’t normally say that unless I actually meant it. I have noticed that these are two-tone, and by that I mean when you look down they seem dark, but when the light hits (or the flash) it becomes a very light sheer. I was surprised but thought it looked dead amazing! I mean you get two looks in one – how could you not love these?!


Now, as mentioned before these are mesh tights, but they are actually a soft mesh. It’s one that doesn’t catch and snag as easily as you think, which is a mega bonus. With the back being mesh, the white polka dots really do stand out nicely! In the close-up, you can actually see that it’s not in straight lines but in circular patterns which can contribute to the two-tone it gives off.


Another point to mention is how they hug your legs and don’t budge at all. They fit into all the bends behind the knees and around the ankles and don’t move an inch all day. I mean check out what they look like when my knees are bent at the front – the material just stretches and gives off this lovely diamond-look.


The Band: holds up very well.  I did not have a single issue with it at all. It is a high rise one, but don’t let that put you off – it doesn’t roll over when you sit or fall down. The only downside is that these aren’t sheer to waist; they do have that cut off point, so miniskirts and shorts may not be ideal (unless you like that look?) But the bonus is that they’re sheer from the toes, which mean peep toes would look dead cute with these (I suppose sandals would too!)



Overall Opinion?

Thank you JA for this pleasure. I am so glad I finally got myself a pair from his new collection to try because honestly it has blown my mind. I have truly missed J.A and will be buying more! I certainly would recommend these, so head over to UKTights before they disappear!


5 thoughts on “Jonathan Aston Aurora Spot Tights

  1. Always amazed at just how vastly different the shades can change into with certain degrees of light. These more so than others maybe?
    Obvious signs of expertise from the makers I think.
    Compliments for some stunning poses lately Mrs 🙂