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Jolie Tulle Socks (2 Pack)

So I’ve been promo-ing socks on my social media, however I haven’t done a review on them for a little while. These are right up my street as I love embellished socks / statement sock to dress up!

I decided to do a review on 2 pairs that were sent via my Amazon Wishlist.

The Spec

Colour: White & Black

Size: One Size

Materials: Nylon + Crystal Silk

Price: £25.50

Website: Jolie 2 Packs Tulle Socks Women Transparent Long Socks Flowers Decoration Bling Bling Socks Streetwear

The Review

From The Website: No matter what the occasion, Sheer Socks will be a hit! Get them for your wife, sister, coworker or any enthusiasts in your life! They make a perfect housewarming, secret santa, anniversary, engagement, bridal shower, white elephant, or wedding present. Bundle them with a bunch of flowers and chocolate and you have a gift she will love!

Ultrathin Transparent Ankle Socks are custom-made for those who share passion and love for fashion.

Item Type: Socks
Gender: Women, Girl
Design: Sexy Transparent Lace Flower Decoration Socks
Material: Nylon & Acrylic fibers, soft and comfortable
Size: One size fits most with stretchy-fit
Thickness: Thin
Package: 2 Pair of Socks

The Packaging

On The Feet: getting these on was a little struggle. I had to really take my time to slowly get them on. They were hard to slide up the feet, and then got stuck at my heel. I then had to shimmy up the embellishments and make sure I didn’t catch my anklets in them either. It was a mission, but I suppose they were worth it in the end. I will say I did end up ripping the black pair whilst getting them on as I tugged a little too hard to get them over my heel and up the ankles!

The quality of both pairs are not bad; I felt they lacked stretch completely, which was needed to help get the on and off ok without disturbing the embellishments on the ankles. They didn’t snag or rip whilst they were on, which was a good sign. However, I already did manage to rip the black one with a little too much tugging, which sucks but not much I can do now!

The fit are super snug; there is no stretch, they are a one size pair which I feel only feet slim, shorter feet. I managed to get into them with UK 5 / US 7 size feet, however if you are a larger foot size, these may not be the pairs for you.

The feel of them are alright; they are a slightly rough mesh/net, however if you was to wear a pair of tights underneath, these wouldn’t irritate your skin. I did find they were slightly scratchy on the foot, and also under the embellished parts. This was the glue as they were stuck to the card to begin with, so I kinda knew this may cause me an issue around the ankles once they were on. Once again, if I was to wear a pair of hosiery underneath, it wouldn’t be much of an issue with my skin.

Now those embellishments are super adorable and look good on both white and black pairs; the white would be perfect for Spring/Summer wear, and black for all year round. I did love that these were decent and not cheap pieces used, as they didn’t fall off that easily. I did find the small studded ones fell off a lot easier than expected. These also are based on the front of the socks, as the back has a seam going through the middle. I did find the seams were not all straight either so I had to keep adjusting to make it look a little better.

My Thoughts?

Not a bad pair of socks, but it’s a shame about the sizing of them. I wish they did have some type of stretch to them so at least they can fit multiple sizes, rather than smaller feet. Otherwise I really liked these and would recommend them!

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