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John Lewis & Partners 10D Ladder Resist Hold Ups

Now let’s get testing the ladder resistant glossy pair. I have been looking forward to these for some time now, and I thought the best place to do so is a day where I’m at work and then have errands to run straight after!

If you haven’t seen my previous review on the glossy holdups, catch the review below:

John Lewis & Partners 15D Gloss Hold Ups

The Spec

Colour: Nearly Black

Size: Small

Denier: 10

Materials: 59% Nylon, 41% Elastane

Price: £6.00

Website: John Lewis & Partners 10 Denier Ladder Resist Hold Ups, Pack of 1, Nearly Black

My Outfit

I wore my boxed crop jumper (which was super warm and I nearly died of over-heating) tucked into my pleated mesh skirt. I added a waist belt to bring the outfit together.

Now to mess it all up, I added my rose gold hoops (which went with nothing to be honest but I really wanted to wear them) and added my leopard barely there sandals to finish off the look.

My Deets

Jumper: Forever21
Skirt: TKMaxx
Holdups: John Lewis & Partners
Shoes: Topshop
Earrings: Gifted



The Review

From The Website: Opt for sheer elegance with these hold-ups from John Lewis & Partners.

Perfect for desk-to-dinner wear, these tights feature a silky smooth finish and an intricate floral lace top for a touch of glamour.

Wear with a sharply-cut knee-length pencil skirt and heels for an on-point silhouette.


The Packaging: so like the previous pair I did, the packaging is just the same to be honest. Very simple and basic, so you know exactly what you’re getting rather than reading a load of blurb – especially if you’re new to hosiery.

When you get in, you will find these vertically folded so you get the foot and leg shaping to them and they are super delicate as well!

As I was inspecting them, I found the silicone in the bands to be exposed on one leg, so I am wary that they won’t grip that well considering they are exposed like that… So we shall see when I get them on later.


On The Legs: I have to say these are looking mighty nice! I don’t feel these look as grey as my last pair did, which is a bonus! I was ready to change my outfit to match the grey if it did, but to my surprise it looked quite black!

The quality of these are amazing; after a hectic day these are still going strong! They have little stretch in them once they have been pulled to the top of the thigh, but still enough for your legs not to feel restricted.

The fit of them are true to size; they fit me nicely compared to the last pair in the same brand which was mega weird. The feel of them are super smooth and soft; and not forgetting very silky. My legs have been slipping off one another all day!

The colour I am impressed with this time around as I wanted it to have more of a black shade to them rather than grey. I get that the light hitting it will change the appearance but I didn’t want anything too drastic, otherwise I would have just opted for a full black pair.

Now let me tell you that I did the unthinkable – I decided to test out the ‘ladder resistant’ part of them by creating a snag (which then turned into a hole instantly). It wasn’t pleasant as I wanted to cry doing this, but I also wanted to show you that they actually are ladder resistant.

They created a hole, which just became wider, rather than creating a massive ladder either end running down the leg. This way you know if you do catch them and snag or make a hole, that is what they will stay as.


The Toes & Ankle: around the toes they are so comfy. There is plenty of wiggle room, there was no pressure added around this area and best of all – they are reinforced! They have a faint strip going across the front and back, but you can still wear peep toes with ease and potentially sandals (if you can cover that seam under the strip)

Around the ankles there are no wrinkles to be seen!


The Bands: the bands are working with me this time around and I love it! I was a little weary at first as when I saw the bands come out the packaging, they were exposed, so I thought they wouldn’t be tacky and cling onto my skin well. However, that wasn’t the case at all and they clung on fine all day long. I did test it out by taking them off multiple time to see if they lose their grip, but I can’t say they did!

The lace top is just lovely; simple but effective enough if you choose to show it off.



My Thoughts?

I think these are absolutely wonderful. I loved being in them today and the fact that they are actually black-ish rather than tinting grey like the other pair did. I’m glad I did the ladder-resistant test to see if they actually are, which is re-assuring!

Overall, I would recommend these for everyday use or evening use for sure!

2 thoughts on “John Lewis & Partners 10D Ladder Resist Hold Ups

  1. Good morning Soni,I did like your review of these beautiful stay ups!It’s very nice to see you’re wearing those beautiful nylons together with these sexy sandals gorgeous,thank you very much and have a nice monday😉

    Greetz Andre😘

  2. Absolutely love that gorgeous warm colour they create against your skin.
    Adore that outfit too.

    You have oceans of style Miss Soni.
    Love it 👍😍