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Janly Butterfly-knot Party Pointed Toe Shoes

Bringing some mules to the blog today, as this pair has been sitting there patiently waiting for me to review! Now these came to me a while back (and I think they are still available to purchase) and I have been dying to try them out with hosiery.

Normally people wear mules / slip on heels like this barefoot, especially for Spring/Summer, however I wanted to show that you can wear these all year round just by pairing it up with hosiery of your choice!

I paired these with tights from my brand: Love From Soni Panda x Black 20D Sheer Tights.

The Spec

Colour: White 

Size: EU 38 / UK 5.5

Materials: Unknown

Price: £3.38

Website: Amazon – Janly Clearance Sale Women’s Summer Sandals Women Sandals Butterfly-knot Party Pointed Toe Shoes Slides , Rubber (White/38)

The Review

The Packaging: apologies for the not-so-great video; I basically filmed this on my Instagram and then got rid of the box shortly after. I thought I recorded an unboxing for my blog (clearly not) so I had to pull this one. As you can see the box is not in great condition at all – which was one of the reasons why I pulled this video to show you all.

Getting Them On: well there isn’t much to say here to be honest… You just slip them right on and go! It’s one of the easiest shoes you could own. I have a few pair of mules, and they are a favourite especially when the weather is warm or I just fancy showing off some RHT stockings.

On The Feet: so I will start off with the not-so-great points to get them out the way with:

  • These did come with a few markings on them. They were a few little black scuffs which I wasn’t too happy about. I know that these shoes were cheap to purchase, however it doesn’t mean sending out ones that are slightly damaged!
  • These are a UK size 5, however they do feel a little snug on the feet. With hosiery on, my feet won’t expand in them but when I did try them on without hosiery, it looked a little too small for me. I thought it was a little weird, but worth mentioning that the sizing does run a tad bit small. If you can, get 1/2 size up; I know a UK size 5.5 would have been perfect for me.

So now that is out the way with, let’s carry on with the good points of the review! So I am loving this kitten heel; it makes a change from a stiletto heel that I tend to live in! They have a slightly wider tip and narrows in the middle, which is super quirky and suits the whole look of the mules. This is a small heel height as you can tell, with no platform. I can say I could spend all day in these, doing errands and on my feet without them hurting. They are a great height if you’re on the move or just prefer a lower type of heel.

The design I am crushing over; I do love polka dots as they can be super versatile to pair up with outfits as a print that blends in or becomes a statement. Here I wanted to keep them as a statement with my black hosiery, so they really stand out.

The quality is not bad; they’re on for cheap and I can see why. There are so many little things I picked up when I got them on; some glue showing, scuff marks, tiny marking on the polka dots etc. However they are not bad. I suppose I can’t expect much when they aren’t a lot of money really!

The soles are not padded in any way, which I think is needed to make them a little more comfortable. They are a flat pair inside, so if you needed some padding for whatever reason – you may need to get some to pop in that isn’t visible (good luck with that!) They are also super smooth, which does make it a little hard with hosiery to keep your feet in them!

Do they slip off during the day?” To be honest, there are times that it really nearly did, however I managed to save it just in time. I think with hosiery, it makes it slightly slippy inside as there is no grip anywhere to stop that from happening. However, if you was barefoot, I don’t think you would have this issue, or it wouldn’t occur as frequently as it did with hosiery on.

My Thoughts?

I gotta say they are not a bad pair overall; there are some blah points but other than that, they were a super cute pair that I enjoyed wearing and would happily wear again with skirts, leggings, dresses, jeans etc. Literally these could work with so many outfits!

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