Jaminy Leather Lace Skirt

Roll on Day 2, only this time we are reviewing the skirt that was paired with the Gatta Comfort Style Tights yesterday.

I thought this should have its own blog seeing as I haven’t reviewed clothing in a while. It won’t be a proper detailed blog as there isn’t too much to talk about, but then again I like to ramble on… So here goes!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small

Materials: PU

Price: £6.59 

Website: Amazon – Women Sexy Waisted Leather Lace Patchwork Mini Skirt Jaminy Tight Fitted Bodycon Skirt Night Club Party Dress


The Review

The Packaging: now these came just like this. No plastic packaging to protect the PU; just open and ready to go to be honest.

So when I first received it, I was intrigued to see how far the zip goes up exposing the lace underneath and I was surprised to see that it went right to the top. Not something I expected as it doesn’t look right (in my eyes) but then again everyone is different!


Getting It On: now as this isn’t elasticated in any part, I did find this slightly big for me (and this was the smallest size) around the waist. It was fine getting it up the legs (as long as you take care with those zips against the hosiery!)

I kept my zip half way up the thigh to expose a nice section of the lace but enough to keep it suitable for work. As this was quite big on me, I opted for a baggy t-shirt so it wouldn’t look to obvious from the back.


Once It’s On: it actually looks so good! Now this is classed a mini skirt, which I’m not too sure I agree with, considering this sits around mid-thigh. I class mini skirt as top thigh (and just about covering the tushy!)

The lace detail is a gorgeous little touch to tone down the PU, which I think really did work. You still have the edgy sex appeal that it gives off, but exposing the lace really helps to create a little spin!

One thing I need to mention is that the skirt turns depending on how long you’re walking for. I had to keep moving it every so often as it kept on turning when I was walking long distances.

I have to say if you sit a lot, this will slightly stretch out a little and leave little bum marks at the back. I noticed that after being at the desk for a few hours and it looked so baggy at the back until it went back into shape (only a little) so a little note for those who may wanna buy!




My Thoughts?

Overall I do like this skirt, and the whole fake leather effect with the lace is a real nice touch. It can work during the day or dress it quite dark and edgy for a night out. I’m sure this is dressed in a certain way (not gonna mention what way) but you can always change that to suit you!

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