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Item M6 Polka Dottie

I would like to say a massive thank you to UK Tights for these – we are now in collaboration!!!!

So the first pair I am reviewing for them is these babies I have been eyeing up for a while. Grab yourself a pair of these gorgeous nylons > Item M6 Polka Dottie Tights


Polka dots is the one pair (along with sheers and opaques) that you cannot go wrong with. For those of you who aren’t into patterned tights:

“Start off simple with a pair like this! It’ll help you get more confident in wearing something that adds to your outfit rather than blending in. Baby step does it…”


My Outfit

Seeing as it’s Friday, I decided to keep it casual and opt for my long jumper and knee high boots! We can’t have too much leg on show at work now can we? Well we can but we got to be sensible! I couldn’t be bothered to dress myself up to the max this morning (all because I woke up late and had 15 minutes to get ready and out the door!)

Crimping my hair adds nicely to the rocky-chic look with the choker too – you can always change the necklace to add bigger earrings if you want to create another look.

My Deets:

Jumper – New Look

Tights – Via UK Tights (link above)

Boots – Deichmann

Choker – Claire’s Accessories


The Review

Now seeing as it’s my first time reviewing Item M6, I’m gonna go all in for you!

  • Packaging: Very simple, minimal but eye-catching. It does make you wonder what the nylons look like inside. At the back, it gives you the complete lowdown about these and I have to say, I got extremely excited – “Effective compression for light, slender legs. Panty with comfortably soft waistband. Invisible heel, perfect for slingback shoes. Dots pattern, semi-opaque. Easy shaping effect gently shapes the silhouette. Easy wash and go.”
  • Inside the packaging: I have to say these have got to be some neatly wrapped tights around the cardboard. I took them out carefully (even though it’s 50 denier I don’t want to risk any snagging or pulling) and I found they are supersized! They are so long – I even took a picture of the width of my double bed and it’s nearly the same size! I did think “What the hell?” but then I realised one thing – they’re compression tights!!!
  • Getting them on: So I started off with a scrunch and roll – oh my god it was the hardest thing ever. I underestimated how strong these are to the point I struggled to get my toes into them! I’ve done compression before, but never as strong as this. This just means they’re some bad ass tights! I ended up pulling slightly too high, so you may need to pinch and push down the leg again a few times until it sits right. Oh and watch out for the anklets here – I only had my silver chain on and still struggled a tad so sharp ones I think you may need to take off for these!
  • The denier: I love it. I was surprised as they would look like a 40 to me. I love the polka dots on these – they aren’t round ones but diamond-style so a little twist there. I absolutely love that shine they have to them as well – I thought they wouldn’t be considering it didn’t state it on the packaging, but it just adds to the whole look! I am in love with these!!!
  • What does the compression feel like? I have to say they are super tight at first and it did feel like I was being sucked in by my tights, but after 10 minutes they begin to feel normal. Whilst writing this review, I have to say they feel like any other pair of tights. They don’t feel like they would be compression (the only time is when I have to go and pee – that is when I realise it’s not my usual pair!!!!)
  • The waistband: now you think compression – “Oh my god it will be so tight on the tummy and bum area. I don’t want to be uncomfortable all day”. Well I can tell you that you would be wrong to think that. I have never been so comfortable! Once again, they feel like any other pair and they’re so comfortable too. No digging into the tummy or anything – it just sits how it’s supposed to!
  • Around the feet: They are tight to begin with, so maybe long nails won’t be appropriate for a pair like this but otherwise after a while you just get used to it. It feels like they’ve loosened and you’ve got wiggle room, when actually they’re still compressed!
  • The feel of the tights: I have to say they aren’t as soft as I thought they would be. They are from the feet to the knees but as the thighs are bigger and it stretches the tights, it does stretch and that’s where it starts to feel slightly grainy and rough. Don’t get me wrong you still get the shine, but it’s only when you get up close and personal!


Overall Thoughts?

I’m flipping in love with these. I have to say it’s got to be the best compression tights I own and I am so glad I gave this brand a go! I love the design of them which can work with so much – casual and smart! The best part is that it keeps my wobbly bits in place to give that toned look to the legs. So no jiggling when you walk – it turns it into a catwalk strut!! Thank you so much UK Tights for my first pair! They were absolutely smashing!





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