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iiniim Super Elastic Magical Tights

Yep the name of this blog makes you wonder what it’s about right? I was just the same when I saw this name pop up on Amazon when I was searching for bits to pop onto my wishlist.

At first I thought it was all a lie.. But then that’s what made me want to add them on to see what they would be like, and a lovely follower of mine decided to gift me them to review!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: One Size (Waist: 42-92cm/16.5-36.0 inch, Total Length: 89cm/35.0 inch)

Denier: Unknown

Materials: Unknown

Price: £7.95

Website: Amazon – iiniim Super Elastic Magical Stockings Seamless Stockings Elastic Thin Pantyhose


My Outfit

So the temperature has dropped hardcore here, and I still wanna be in hosiery (I am trying to hard not to end up in leggings or trousers for work!) I wore my batwing jumper tucked into my shell pink bodycon skirt. I added my mesh shoe boots (seeing as they were out and they’re comfortable).

I left my hair down and added small studs and a choker to finish off the look.

My Deets

Jumper: New Look

Skirt: New Look

Tights: iiniim

Booties: Lasula



The Review

From The Website: Womens Pressure Tighten Pantyhose Stockings

Free Size

High-elastic material, stronger, soft and comfortable to wear

Polyamide, Spandex

Full-footed, high-waisted with a high elastic panty and elastic waistband

Perfect for summer, autumn or daily wear

One Size Fits Most: Waist: 42-92cm/16.5-36.0 inch, Total Length: 89cm/35.0 inch



The Packaging: now I have a feeling these are from China or some cheap manufacturer as these came in a small plastic wallet with nothing on them stating what they are, let alone the make or model of them.

When you get in, there is no card… nothing. You just get them straight on.



Getting Them On: I found that these have a back panel to them, which I find so uncomfortable wearing. But I won’t let that stop me from testing them out!


I did the crunch and roll with them up the legs and they went on super easy. I kid you not when I say these are super elasticated.



Now let me show you briefly how elasticated these are… To the point I could get them over my head and pull them in whichever direction without them ripping!



On The Legs: these are quite thick, but they don’t state the denier anywhere so I wanna put these down as a 60 on me, however on someone slightly bigger it might look a lot sheerer.

The fit and feel are ok; they fit well but they do start slipping down a little during the day so I had to keep pulling up now and again. The feel of them are super soft and quite silky!

The quality of them are pretty great; no snags, runs or pulls throughout the day. These are so elasticated, I could scratch down the hosiery with sharp nails and they would not catch or snag them! I am dead impressed, but I need to try them out with a screwdriver or something sharper to see!

These are a one size to be honest so I don’t know how they would fit on a bigger person, but I hope someone will give them a go!



The Toes & Ankle: there is so much room in these to begin with, but they do start to squeeze the toes a little during the day so you do have to pinch away from the toes to make sure there isn’t too much pressure applied. This bit is once again super elasticated, but not for long though.

Now I managed to create a small little hole with my toenails, but even then it stayed that size the whole time! I didn’t see it until editing the pics and not once did it grow any bigger!


Around the ankles, there is no sign of any crinkling whatsoever.



The Waistband: now the band on these are good; they’re comfortable, it has a bigger back panel which I found didn’t sit right on me.

These don’t roll over themselves or fall down easily to begin with, but during the day it did start to slowly slip. I think wearing cotton underwear could help prevent this as well.


These do have a gusset but not a cotton one!



My Thoughts?

I am having mixed thoughts about them to be honest; I love how they are so elasticated, but then I find that these do shrink in a little after you have stretched them.

The quality is great; no snags, no runs, no pulls, which is fab!!!

The denier is one that will change depending on how much they are stretched on the legs!

One thought on “iiniim Super Elastic Magical Tights

  1. I found it difficult to appreciate how good these tights look. They are very dark (which I love) and so they don’t always come out optimally in your photos. It’s only in the close-ups that we see how nice they look on you. (I tend to find that black and white fabric tend to reflect or absorb the light too much, making it difficult to appreciate the tone).

    I love your skirt by the way. Enhances your figure wonderfully.