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HYD Control Tights (Nude)

So guys, here I have another pair of the HYD tights but in NUDE! I thought I might as well seeing you can’t have enough nudes in that wardrobe!

I won’t go into a full depth review of them as you can find the previous review right here > HYD 10D Push Up Tights

I would say it’s exactly the same as before, but the only difference is that they’re nude and looks very much like you don’t have any tights on. They also have a lovely shimmer to them when the light hits it so a bonus there! Perfect for S/S coming up!

So enjoy the photos everyone – I went colourful and funky with my outfit today seeing as the ‘bare’ legs were out to play!






6 thoughts on “HYD Control Tights (Nude)

  1. Heaven!
    If its about pure visual leg pleasure, these come up trumps every time.
    The natural beauty of a woman’s legs is magnified tenfold (in my opinion) with nude sheers.
    The perfect shine just adds to the whole occasion.
    Simply wonderful 🙂

  2. Gorgeous! I LOVE tights especially control & strait out of the packet like this is SUCH a turn-on for me! Thanks for the photos, lovely! XXX