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HYD 10D Push Up Tights

Well isn’t this just sheer heaven?! I mean this has to be one of my favourite 10 denier tights I own! The shine, the look ,the way they feel and how great my legs look in them – it cannot get any better! Thank god I bought myself a pair in nude for summer!


Here’s a little break down of what you need to know courtesy of the Luxury Legs website:

-Sheer Matt with the softness of natural Aloe Vera

-Invisible reinforced toes

-Cotton gusset


-Flat seam

-Personalised label


My Outfit

I decided to go vintage-y with these pair by adding a new polka dot bodycon dress and my peep toe shoes just to give it that oomph and it sure did work!!
I kept it quite casual by leaving my hair down and teaming up with my drop down pearl earrings instead of studs seeing as it was quite plain looking from the chest up!

My Deets:
Dress: Jane Norman

Tights: Via Luxury Legs

Shoes: Ajvani gifted by a follower

Earrings: Satoria Jewellery




The Review

I’ve never come across such plain packaging before – but it gets right to the point. The make and a peep hole at the front with a blurb at the back about the tights. It doesn’t mention any of the features above so I was pretty confused here when reading:

This pantyhose has been manufactured with the most valuable and innovative fibers, dyed with dyes that are not aggressive for the skin and controlled entirely by hand. HYD pantyhose are therefore precious: they encompass tradition, style and Italian culture. Handle with care, do not iron and remember that they should only be hand-washed.

It does not state whatsoever about aloe vera or reinforcements so was intrigued to get these opened to have a look.

When I got them out the packaging, I instantly thought “These are super soft to touch!” – could this be the aloe vera??? They are really delicate I have to say so the gloves were out to get these on! You can see how they were horizontally folded – which makes it so much easier to line up on the legs.


And check this – they actually did have a little label at the back of them:


I did not struggle at all getting these on – sometimes with control tops they just feel like they’re sucking the life out of your thighs when pulling them up but these were really nice and soft and wasn’t as much of a struggle as I thought it would have been. The best part is that the tights hug your legs to begin with (and this is without any tugging or pulling up) and then once they are on completely, they just fall into place and don’t budge or twist all day. These are so comfortable and it hardly felt I had anything on my legs!


Now going onto these ‘reinforced toes’ – well they’re still intact after a day’s running around so maybe they actually are. Although there is no indication whatsoever (and normally there is a slight one around the toes), they do look really nice around the toes and would work perfectly with peep toes!!


The control top is so supportive and it doesn’t hurt at all. Normally I find they can and you feel like you can breather once they’re off. Well with these, I didn’t feel like that once and I felt like they actually worked. Even after eating, my belly sometimes shows (especially in a bodycon) but with these, that wasn’t the case at all. I still looked flat on the tummy and my bum emphasised so happy days!


The best thing about these is that subtle shine on them – not only do they look so thin, but that shine is just to die for. In different lighting, it never failed to make my legs look good!


The only downside is that these snag super easily so just be careful if you do go for these not to be near anything sharp!


Overall thoughts?

I think these are so worth it and they are on for dirt cheap too, so you can’t go wrong either way! Thank you to the Italians so making such beautiful tights! I love the way they look and feel and even though I’ve ended up with a few snags, they’re still looking perfect!

6 thoughts on “HYD 10D Push Up Tights

  1. Oh those Italians certainly know how to create something that so perfectly compliments a woman’s style and elegance.
    Bellissima 🙂

  2. Beautiful Mrs. Soni!!! Your legs and feet look amazing in these pantyhose. Love the way you finally got the courage to show your body from your hip down with out a skirt on. Thank you!!!