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Hunkemöller Grey Backseam Hold Ups

3 out of 3 with our Hunkemöller from Amsterdam. I know I keep saying that I bought them from there, but they are also available online which I only discovered when I got reviewing my 1st pair!

The Spec

Colour: Black/Grey

Size: S/M

Denier: 20

Materials: Main: 55% polyamide, 37% polypropylene, 8% elastane / Trim: 83% polyamide, 17% elastane

Price: £14.00

Website: Hunkemöller Hold-Ups 20 Denier Grey Backseam


My Outfit

I kept it all classic with my black midi dress paired with open toe strappy sandals to show them off a little more.

I kept my hair up in a bun (it was a greaseball day) and added a double choker necklace with studs to finish the look.

My Deets

Dress: BooHoo

Holdups: Hunkmoller

Sandals: Simmi Shoes

Choker: ALDO




The Review

From The Website: Wow! We think these hold-ups look amazing. They are finished with grey details at the back and can be worn without suspenders thanks to the silicone strips inside the tops.

• “Returns: for reasons of hygiene, only unopened and sealed returns are accepted”
• 20 denier
• 1 pair
• Comfortable
• Hosiery

80% Polyamide / 20% Elastane


The Packaging: like the other 2 reviews I have done for Hunkmoller, these are just the same. They have the model at the front wearing the holdups (and facing back so you can see the design) with the back going into little detail about the brand, hosiery care and the sizing guide”

“Our Hunkemöller hosiery is designed with high quality long lasting yarns and a perfect fit. Giving you fabulous & sexy legs. Look at hunkemoller.com for more.”


When you get inside, you will find these neatly wrapped around card. As I unfolded these out, I found the seam sits really bent on the leg. One leg was fine, but the other was super wonky, which made me think –

“these are gonna be a nightmare to get on”

As I was observing them (I always do this before I get them on), I found that they had a small piece of string just dangling down. I thought there were inside out at first until I saw that it was from the toe seams; like what is going on here: bent seams, extra string!?



Getting Them On: so the silky gloves were on and trying to get these to line up the best I can. I had to take extra time with the seam that was on bent to make sure that I managed to get my line-up straight and let the top design just sit bent all day!

It was a mission but I finally got there in the end.

Now with anklets, please do take care as these will snag. I will mention the quality a little further down! But for now, they are on and let’s see how the day goes!



On The Legs: so we have spent a day in them, and well… lemme get into it:

The denier is great to make that backseam and design really stand out. It’s light grey but it works so well. I kept the outfit plain just so these could pop at the back.

The design is something that I really do like; it’s rich looking, kinda heavy and works if you’re after a nice touch a standard seam. The seam itself starts at the top of the ankles, rather than working from the toe seam up.

The quality … is rubbish I found. These were kinda soft, but grainy which made me itch in them to be honest. I managed to snag them a few times during the day; nothing major but it was a right pain as these were further down so there was no way I could hide them!

The fit is ok; they were fine on the legs but it’s the band that I struggled with but I will get onto that later in the review.

I did comparison images below, with natural lighting and with the flash on so you can see what they look like in different lighting conditions.



The Toes & Ankle: so these are reinforced I think (I’m just looking at the toe strip typing this) as it shades a little lighter than the actual holdups! Let’s just say that they are to make me feel better about them!

There is plenty of wiggle room in these as they are a size S/M, and no extra material is hanging off the ends (they are just doing that from the toe seams instead!)

Around the ankles, these are a smooth flush finish, which is a bonus point, but as you can see below, the material doesn’t look that nice; it looks quite rough and cheap looking. I’m just being a cow to them now, but I was not happy with this pair to be honest!



The Band: so let me touch up on the band. This has one big silicone strip going across the top and job done. I felt like it needed 2 to be honest as the band is quite thick.

During the day, I found that these actually started to pull away from my legs. I thought it was because my legs were hot and perspiring, but actually it wasn’t and it was just pulling away. I was proper conscious of this as the last thing I want is them falling down during the day!

The grip on these aren’t that great so I would either say get yourself some holdup adhesive or get a suspender belt on ready to clasp them up!

When the bands are on (and not giving me hassle) they actually look really nice; they are a thick smooth feeling strip going across the thighs which I love!



My Thoughts?

Just to sum it up; they are a gorgeous design but I wouldn’t recommend in terms of quality. These aren’t worth what you pay for them and I think they could seriously improve on the materials used.

They look great on the legs don’t get me wrong, but I want something that will last me a good few wears and I feel that these won’t do it for me. If the bands can already start to slip away after the first wear, that says it all to me.


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