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Hunkemöller Coloured Lace Top Hold-Ups

Onto the 2nd pair that was bought from Amsterdam! To be honest I have been holding them back a little due to the awkward UK weather, and even though today was a little rainy, I decided to just go for it and get them reviewed!

In this review I will be showing the difference between natural light and the camera with the flash on 🙂

The Spec

Colour: Nude (with blue top)

Size: S/M

Denier: 20

Materials: Main:85% polyamide, 15% elastane, Trim: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane

Price: £9.00

Website: Hunkemöller – Hold-ups 20 Denier Coloured Lace Top


My Outfit

I was smart casual for work today wearing my skater polka dot dress (I have a massive thing for polka dots) with my fake converses (I pull these out when it’s wet weather, so I don’t ruin my genuine ones).

I kept my hair at the side in a plait (which I haven’t done for so long) and added small studs to finish the look.

My Deets

Dress: Unknown

Tights: Hunkemöller

Trainers: Primark


The Review

From The Website: These hold-ups are finished with lovely coloured tops. The silicone strips insides the tops make sure these hold-ups do not slip down – no suspenders are needed.

• “Returns: for reasons of hygiene, only unopened and sealed returns are accepted”
• 20 denier
• 1 pair
• Comfortable
• Hosiery
• With lace top border

80% Polyamide / 20% Elastane


The Packaging: so once again we are looking at the model at the front wearing the hosiery at the front (with just lingerie and a blazer on) and then it goes into a little detail at the bacl:

“Our Hunkemöller hosiery is designed with high quality long lasting yarns and a perfect fit. Giving you fabulous & sexy legs. Look at hunkemoller.com for more.”

When you get inside, you will find these wrapped around card) and shaped to the feet and legs, which is great as it makes it easier to roll them right on!

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Getting Them On: right those gloves are on (the silky kind) to get these badboys rolled up the legs. I scrunched them right down to the toes, so all I had to do was cover them and roll right back up (being mindful of the anklets of course)!

As I was rolling them up, I would take extra care as these feel quite thin and delicate compared to most 20 deniers I have tried in the past, so it will be interesting to find out what the quality is like after a day’s wear!


On The Legs: right they have been on for the whole day, so let’s see how I got on with them!

The fit of them are great! They aren’t baggy or show any signs of gapping at all, which I was worried about being a S/M pair.

The feel is actually really nice and soft once they are on; I would say to the point that your legs kinda glide off one another a little. I didn’t realise that these were glossy, so during the day in natural light they make your legs look so pasty (these are more for those who don’t really have colouring to their legs) but when the flash hits, they actually glisten really nicely. So I would say this is more of a summer pair than a dull day!

The quality is actually really good this time around. My last pair were quite bad and I wasn’t impressed, but with these they have been great. No sign of snags or ladders on the legs; just a nice clean look!

I mentioned the colour previously above; this is something that I didn’t like about these holdups. They only had this colour in the store when I bought it, and I thought that it wouldn’t be too bad on the legs … was I wrong?! Every time I look down, it doesn’t even look like my legs to be honest. They are a lot lighter than I expected them to be.


The Toes & Ankle: the toes have plenty of wiggle room to them and the fit is really great; no excess materials, no bulging bits on the end.

I don’t think these are reinforced, and as they are 20 denier, you will need to think about long/sharp nails in these just to preserve the longevity of them.

Around the ankles, these sit flush against the skin, which means you won’t find any signs of wrinkling!


The Lace Band: is so nice. I actually got these holdups just for the band to be honest as I have never seen a colour like that before! It’s so vibrant and perfect for summer wear!

During the day, these have held up so well; I have taken them off many times to test out the silicone bands and they still have enough sticky-ness to them which is great. I was a little worried this morning as when I first got them on, they seemed to be slightly baggy at the back and I thought they won’t stick properly so I took a backup pair of tights with me just in case I had to change into them. But they were fine after I sat down on them to push them firmly against my thighs.

It’s around 2 inches in depth (I didn’t exactly measure this – I just guessed) and has a double silicone band at the top. I got these to sit a little higher than the model is wearing them due to being at work and not wanting to expose too much (although they did want to sit slightly lower)!

Now the floral lace is stunning; it’s a basic floral print (nothing too glam about it) but I love the way the blue makes it something so much more than black would do!

One thing I didn’t understand was why the seams (to join the lace together) are white and not the same colour?

Okay so I encountered a problem which I didn’t even spot before until I was taking an under-shot: THESE HAVE BLADDY DONE SOMETHING TO MY THIGH! I don’t know exactly what happened or how, but this horrible raised mark appeared!


My Thoughts?

Overall I think these are great in quality, the band is so adorable and that shimmer on them is to die for. The only downside I found is the colour of the hosiery and how it actually works against my skin.

If they had it in more of a tan colour, I would defo have gone for that. And if they didn’t leave like friction marks (or whatever they are) on the back of my thighs, that would be great too!

Otherwise, I would recommend this pair for sure!

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