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Hudson Lilly Put 20 Denier Tights

New brand alert! I am liking this; all this newness on the blog! I came across these on UKTights and thought I got to give them a go. They looked like a drugstore brand, which I am keen to try out.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small (36-40)

Denier: 20

Materials: 97% polyamide, 3% Elastane

Price: £7.99

Website: UKTights – Hudson Lilly Put 20 Denier Tights 2 Pack


My Outfit

I went quite simple and casual with a black lace bodycon dress teamed with my tan wedge boots (that haven’t been out for so long) and then added a gold double choker and small studs.

My Deets

Dress: H&M

Tights: Lilly Put

Boots: Toms

Choker: Topshop



The Review

From The Website: Lilly Put has been a long standing product of Hudson’s and has proved to be so popular that it was inevitable that people would request that they came in a 2 pair pack. So here they are. A great sheer tight that everyone loves at a good price.  Excellent quality, as is all of Hudson’s range, and the perfect pack size for your handbag.  If you’re out and about or at work and you accidentally ladder your tights you can relax knowing that you have a spare pair in your purse.

* 20 denier
* 2 pair pack
* Soft matt
* Sheer leg
* Sheer reinforced toe
* 97% polyamide
* 3% Elastane


The Packaging:I am liking this packaging; it’s unique, it’s small and it’s so cool! So let me explain what you gotta do before I get into all the other gritty stuff:

1) You look at the packaging

2) Hold both top and bottom of the small packet

3) Slowly bend the packet so it splits in the middle (you’ll see a tear line)

4) Watch it just bend down  so you can pull your tights out

5) Voila!

Now we shall mention the details on the packaging:

The front has a model wearing the nude pair along with the brand name, colour and size. The top of the packaging has a small window so you can see the shade. The back goes into a little more detail:

“Sheers: 2-zone comfort top. Soft matt. Transparently reinforced toe.”

What I did notice on the inner of the packaging is that this is made out of 90% recycled paper so it can be thrown in the recycling instead of the bin! How awesome is that?!

So when you get inside, you will find the hosiery just folded (no card inside) ready to wear. These aren’t really shaped to the legs and feet if I am honest!


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Getting Them On: I would first say get silky gloves at the ready as cotton ones are not gonna work with these! I would carefully scrunch and roll them up, trying to prevent any snags from happening whilst you’re rolling on and taking extra care over any anklets.

I wasn’t too impressed when rolling these up; I made sure that I wasn’t tugging too much to cause any streaky lines or pulls in the tights, but even so, they still were there! I thought I had done it until I realised that the other leg was doing the exact same!



On The Legs: now that they’re on the legs I don’t know how I feel about them. I like the sheerness, but the quality doesn’t look great to me. It’s a pair that I would pull out as a backup, not something I would recommend to wear with a nice outfit.

The feel of them are kinda rough to touch, but smooth-like in some parts and it didn’t feel as grainy as it looks on the legs. I know these are a matte finish but you can tell a lot when you touch them on the legs!

The quality is a definite no no from me, I managed to get snags on the legs and those streaky lines really did drive me mad during the day.

I’m keeping it short as I don’t want to slate them too heavily!



The Toes & Ankle:around the toes you can tell these are reinforced as they become a darker denier around this part. It works from the seam to the bottom of the toes and then becomes sheer again.

These were fine all day; no extra material gathering anywhere, no rips or snags like I kinda expected there to be and there was enough wiggle room in them. I would bear in mind if you’re wearing these (or any tights) on a warm-hot day, you will find there might be a little pressure on the toes or they may feel slightly tighter than normal.

Around the ankles, these were ok; no wrinkles, no hosiery falling down so plus point there.



The Waistband & Gusset: now the waistband to begin with was decent, however I found during the day it started to curl over itself which then started to dig in a little. It has plenty of stretch in them, which is always a good thing.

These sit around belly button level on me, where it has a double band type of look going on – the first bit is the actual band with the second layer down being a darker denier then working into a lighter denier.

Now the gusset was super weird; these don’t sit flush against you during the day and they certainly don’t have the cotton patch to them (it’s just nylon), and then I found that there is a rip at the side of it when I pulled them down to take a pic!



My Thoughts?

Overall, I don’t think I would recommend these purely down to the quality. Like I said these would make a great backup pair to keep in your bag or at work, but not something I would choose to wear with an outfit.


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