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House Of Holland Sparkly Silver Superstar Tights

So I am pretty excited to review these purely because I haven’t done House Of Holland (HOH) before. I got these from the Pretty Polly website rather than directly with HOH.

We have River Island that used to sell them but I always got put off as it was only ‘one size’ … But I decided to bite the bullet and go for it this time as these were too stunning not to blog about!

I wanted to grab you some information about the brand, but they don’t actually have it listed on their official website anywhere … so … we have move on swiftly 🙂

The Spec

Colour: Black Mix

Size: One Size

Denier: Around 20

Materials: 74% Nylon 19% Elastane 7% Metallised Fibres

Price: £15.00

Website: Pretty Polly – House Of Holland Sparkly Silver Star Tights


My Outfit

Casual day it is… and we are wearing whites for once! I kept it proper simple; just a white t-shirt dress with a tie belt, and added my fake converse looking pumps.

I paired chunky hoop earrings with this and left my hair down as usual! I need to try and style it more!

My Deets

Dress: Terranova

Tights: HOH x Pretty Polly

Pumps: Primark




The Review

From The Website: Part of the ongoing Pretty Polly and House of Holland collaboration, we are pleased to showcase his marvelous designs as part of our collection.

This lurex silver star design is a must-have for anyone looking to adopt the current trends and simply wow with their legwear.

Available in one size

74% Nylon 19% Elastane 7% Metallised Fibres


The Packaging: so it’s a cute little slim box packaging showing the model wearing the hosiery at the front with some nice-a** boots! The back of the packaging has a small window in the middle instead of at the top, and then has a little bit about HOH:

“Henry Holland, has designed this cutting edge collection of tights with some clever House of Holland twists.”



Getting Them On: so out of the packaging, these come up to bum level before you get them on which means these will have a lot of stretch in them when you get them on. As these are one size, do expect them to be longer in length!

I did scrunch and roll on one leg and pulled on the other, and both went on fine. I would advise you to be careful with anklets as even though mine never catch, they slightly did with these on the star design.



On The Legs: just wow. I thought these were a matte finish, but with the flash on, these have a good shine to them – and I mean the oily type of shine too!

They hug the legs well even though these are one size, which I am impressed with. I expected them to be slightly loose!

The denier is great; if it was too dark, the stars wouldn’t be able to pop as much as they currently do.

They feel so soft and smooth where it’s the plain denier and over the stars, these aren’t as rough as they look. They would still catch onto other materials or rub against, so you will need to be mindful, otherwise it’s all good!

The only downside I found is that these do snag very easily; I managed to get a whole line worth of small little nips on the thighs which was so annoying. Luckily you can’t really see it, hence why I had to highlight it, but it was so frustrating!

Now depending on the light, these have a slight grey tint to them as you can tell in one image below (where I’m sitting on the floor) – I don’t mind it to be fair as it switches it up a little, but for those who think it’s gonna be straight up black .. they are but take into consideration the lighting conditions etc.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The Toes & Ankles: well by the looks of things, I am hoping that these are reinforced toes. I do miss them on hosiery you know; they just help and add that extra layer especially when it comes to chipped nail varnish or sharp nails!

These have that strip going across the toes, front and back, and then the design starts so maybe not great with open toe sandals but peep toes would be cool if you wanted to show them off.

Around the ankles, there isn’t any crinkling or creasing, but for those who have slimmer legs, you may find that you will get a bit as these are a generic size.



The Waistband & Gusset: so when I got them out the packaging, I noticed that these had stars on the boxer brief part, and they were a different colour.



Once they’re on, this is what it looks like below. I love how it has no gusset part as such, but a great big stretchy star to cover the private region! – THIS IS SUPER COOL!

The band itself is a slimmish one,which means it will slightly roll over itself during the day. Mine did which wasn’t too bad but you could see it under my dress so I wasn’t too impressed there.

It is a comfy band to be honest, and you do feel it during the day as well.

These hold the tights up well during the day, so you don’t need to worry about these falling at any point!




My Thoughts?

I am loving this funky design; perfect to just wear during the day if you didn’t want to rock them at night. I’m not too keen on the quality as it snags too easily, but otherwise they are decent for what you get.

One thing I gotta say was how surprised I was that these were the oily shine – I never expected that, and against the design it really looks amazing!

A proper statement piece I gotta say, and one that would certainly grab people’s attention!


2 thoughts on “House Of Holland Sparkly Silver Superstar Tights

  1. I do agree with you in all you have to say about these tights. I have had these same one’s for awhile. In fact had to take photos of mine wearing a mini skirt for a fashion look picture. I have the silver metallic star one’s and the other with the blue metallic stars both look great on. Other styles they have are the checkerboard type in silver and blue metallic look.