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Hipstik Black Sheer Low-Rise Pantyhose

PSYCHED PSYCHED PSYCHED! I finally have a pair of Hipstik tights to review on the blog. I remember seeing this brand a good few years ago and I thought they looked incredible, but I never got round to getting a pair myself. Then the founder got in touch with me (and let me say what a beautiful soul she is) and asked me to review them! So here I am doing so!

I got 2 pairs sent from the company, and I cannot tell you how EXCIIIIIIIIITED I am. I will say that I am combining both pairs into this blog as they are exactly the same but is Size A and Size B – so there is just the waistband difference to them.

I will be separating Size A and B in some of the review below just so it doesn’t get too confusing as to which one I am talking about.


About Hipstik

“It all started with a pair of scissors. One day after work, while changing into PJs, my husband and now co-founder, Jason, was baffled by the scissor cut down the front of my pantyhose. He said, “What happened there?” I said, “THEY’RE SO UNCOMFORTABLE, so I cut them in the bathroom at the office!” We had a good laugh and that pair ended up in the trash. And then I began the hunt for a comfortable pair. After years of trying on dozens of styles and brands, I had given up. The largest size was too small – the tug, pull and irritating squeeze. The waist always too high – why is control top the only style available?! What if I don’t want a control top at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday!

I knew there had to be better. That’s when I had the “light-bulb” moment. With our backgrounds in product development and marketing, we knew we could make this happen. I could bring women the tights they actually want to wear. Then, the real work started. Asking friends about their own experiences wearing hosiery. Finding a manufacturing partner. Samples. Conversations. Samples. Testing. Patenting. It became a crusade for comfort in a product category that has never been comfortable. And here we are – Hipstik is everything women have ever wanted in a pair. I have found my happy. And I truly believe Hipstik tights are so comfortable, they will make your day happier, too.

Happy Facts:

Hipstik Legwear is nationally certified Woman-Owned and women-made in the USA in North Carolina
Real Simple named Hipstik a Best Product of 2018
Good Housekeeping named Hipstik one of the Best Tights of 2019
Hollywood costume designer recommends Hipstik Nude Pantyhose to make actresses’ legs look amazing
The top most common words used to describe Hipstik in real customer reviews are: “LOVE” and “COMFORTABLE”
Laura, Jason and their two daughters packed thousands of Hipstik orders from their guest bedroom at the launch of the company”

– taken from their website

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: A (Pant size 2-4) / B (Pant size 6-8)

Denier: 16

Materials: 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex

Price: $34.00

Website: Hipstik – Black, Sheer Low-rise Pantyhose

My Outfit

I wanted to glam my pair up today, so I went with one of my Femme Luxe party dresses and added a pair of embellished court shoes to finish off the look. You can always change it to open toe sandals if you prefer, but I was dressing for dinner and drinks 🙂

My Deets

Dress: Femme Luxe

Tights: HipStik

Heels: Aldo



The Review

From The Website: Black sheers are unquestionably the most essential element in every woman’s wardrobe. They go with absolutely anything while also adding a flattering, refined, elegant dimension to one’s overall look. Hipstik has taken this beloved fashion classic that never goes out of style and created truly luxurious sheer hosiery – silky and sleek, light and airy, and oh so comfy!

So whether you’re up for keeping things sophisticated a la Duchess Kate or want a trendier take – open-toed shoes with sheers is trending – slide into our gorgeous black sheers and effortlessly glide from day into evening.

Sheer – 16 denier
Limited wear, handle with care. Remove jewelry when getting dressed.
Hipster mid to low-rise fit
Stretchy lace top fits your shape without rolling or squeezing
No sagging thanks to the silicone stick strip
Super soft, super-microfiber
82% Nylon + 18% Spandex
Made in the USA


Our sizing is revolutionary! Use the charts below. Find your height. Find your shape. (Double-check pant size.) Find your comfort!

Hipstik Sizing Chart

Hipstik Shape Guide

Hipstik - Pant Size Comparison Chart


The Packaging: is pretty awesome for both pairs. They came in this slimline box (both of them) with the model wearing them on the front. The back goes into a lot more detail about the sizing guide and finding the right fit. It also shows the selling points at the top too! I was super impressed with this; never seen this before!

The packaging for Size B is identical, and even though it states ‘Black Sheer Footed‘ – it is the same pair as Size A. They used a different name to begin with, and as time went on, they changed it.

When you get in, you will find them neatly flat folded with no card. These do not have foot or leg shaping to them.

What I did find interesting is how their waistband just flowered out in front of me. The bands were not stuck together (like how you would see with holdups where the silicone is stuck together and you have to prise it apart) so that was interesting!

Packaging for Size A


Packaging For Size B


Getting Them On: so I have to say these were super easy to glide up the legs. There was plenty of stretch for me to widen around my ankles and then roll them up with ease. I did find there was enough material which ended up gathering around my top thigh, so I rolled back down and didn’t tug up as much the 2nd time to get a more even finish on the legs.



On The Legs: well let me start off by saying LOOK HOW AMAZING MY LEGS ARE LOOKING?!?! I love that the light matte denier gives it that gorgeous classy look which you can pair up with any outfit you like!

I absolutely love this matte finish on them – this is perfect for my pins to be looking mighty spicy!

The quality of these are fantastic let me add; I hardly damaged them whilst I was in them, so I was super proud of myself there. I did notice that the inside of my dress was scratching up my top thigh which did end up leaving very faint snags on the legs, but nothing too noticeable. This was me just eyeing up my legs super close for the review.

The fit of these were amazing for my legs; I did find they had so much stretch that I didn’t know what to do with it at first. I had to roll down and roll up 2nd time around to make sure I get an even finish. And after I did that, I had the reinforced boxer brief part to think about. It was gathering so much at the top, I had to push my tights down a little without making it darker in places around the thighs. I will say once you get the perfect for for you, you shouldn’t have this problem at all.

The feel are so soft and so smooth on the legs, I adored them for hours. They aren’t the type to be gliding off one another, but just by looking at the you can see how soft they look. With it having so much stretch, you’re bound to get that velvety feel to them.


The Toes & Ankle: I’m liking this area here, purely because they have such a good reinforced toe to them. The shade is slightly darker than the rest of the legs, but not to worry as it will still look amazing with open toe shoes. The strip isn’t that thick either, which I quite like. I have noticed on some pairs that they make it quite thin instead of covering the toes completely; not too sure why that is, but I’m certainly not complaining.

Around the toes, these have plenty of wiggle room for your toes to move and breathe during the day, and no pressure is added either. The feet and ankles have a lovely smooth fitted finish to them, with no signs of any wrinkles or ombre effect.



The Waistband & Gusset: this is where is gets interesting – and makes the brand unique. So Hipstik have a low waistband so it doesn’t sit over your tummy but under your belly button instead. I made the mistake of pulling it higher then realising that it needs to sit low. I mean you do have the option to if you want, but you’re defeating the purpose of the tights by doing so.

Anyways these come with silicone bands around the top of them, which help to keep them in place all day. Unfortunately on both pairs, it was slightly big on me so they sat where they needed to but didn’t grip onto my skin well.

They have a gorgeous lace band which is around 2-3 inches thick and will fit flush against your skin. I will forewarn you and say make sure you check them out with bodycons or tight fitted clothing just in case the lace band shows through. I would have tested it myself if it fit a little better, but I thought I would add that in.

The gusset is made of the same material and looks super breathable too; this is perfect for those who wish to go commando and just as fine for those who want to wear underwear too.

I have done a collection of images in both Size A and Size B so you can see the sizing difference. I have to say USA sizing can be different to UK; each country has their own sizing guide which is why you will need to check and make sure that the size you get is the right one for your waist.

Apart from all that, I have to say the bands were so comfortable to be in. It hardly felt like I was wearing any to be honest. I know my Size A didn’t fit as snug as I wanted it to, but even so, I still felt ok in them, to the point I forgot they were on me. It’s super stretchy and they will conform to your size so you get a good fit.

Oh and let me also add these have reinforced boxer briefs to them, which start from the band and work it’s way down to the top thigh. I have to say this could have sat lower on my thighs as these had a lot of material to them for me, but if you get the perfect size they should fit around your top thigh instead of mid thigh.


Waistband For Size A


Waistband For Size B



My Thoughts?

Besides the fact these didn’t fit me as well as I would have liked, I still would recommend them! I loved being in my pair and trying them out all dolled up. I loved the quality of them, the fit would have been perfect if it was slightly smaller and that low waistband with the silicone straps is just a perfect finish to it all!

Thank you so much Hipstik!