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Heist ‘The Thirty’ Tights

So after seeing adverts and hype about these tights, I decided to get myself a pair (or two) and give them a go myself!

All I keep seeing is that they’re an amazing pair, they do this and are like that… So why not try them out hey? I hope they actually deliver like how they say on their adverts!

About Heist

“Our worldview.
At Heist, we start by understanding how bodies move, not just how they look. Considering every design detail from this perspective leads to radical new takes on old ideas.

Take tights. We worked with 67 women in a year-long quest to free them from the restrictions of ordinary tights. And we got there: tights that don’t dig, sag or itch, but are actually a pleasure to move in. Our innovative design propelled Heist from fashion editor’s favourite, to the go-to tights brand for thousands of women around the world.

We like to keep things moving, too – the world of underwear has a lot of catching up to do.”

– taken from their website

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: UK 6-8

Denier: 30

Materials: 75% polyamide, 25% elastane

Price: £19.00

Website: Heist – The Thirty in Low

My Outfit

I kept it simple with my checkered dress paired with grey block heeled peep toes.

I kept jewellery to a minimum today and kept my hair up in a pony.

My Deets

Dress: eBay

Tights: Heist

Shoes: Carvela




The Review

From The Website: Our sheer, 30 denier tights are the perfect choice for an elegant, evening look. And robust enough to wear every day.


Luxurious double-covered yarn (75% polyamide, 25% elastane) gives softness and warmth, whilst being robust enough for everyday wear.

The seamless waistband is made using the same yarn on a different machine, then hand-sewn onto the tights using a light cotton thread.

Jet black dye (Pantone 19-0303TPX) is used to create the richest colour, before our tights are labelled with a small, satin tag.


All tights benefit from a little TLC.

If you have time, treat yours to a hand wash using lukewarm water and a mild detergent. If not, a delicate cycle in the washing machine should keep your tights in perfect condition.

Every pair of Heist tights comes with a dustbag, to keep them tidy and safe in your underwear drawer.



The Packaging: now I gotta go in on the packaging for this. I love the way they came as soon as they were posted through the door. Now as I bought two, they came like this, so I wonder what they’re like when I only order 1 pair?

So they have their own parcel packaging which I think is absolutely amazing. When you get in, you come across a slim-line box, and as soon as you open it you see the hosiery sitting side by side.

Underneath these, there are two small hosiery bags to keep your tights in to preserve the quality of them, which is super amazeballs!



So when you get inside the slim black packaging (opening like a envelope), you find the hosiery wrapped around a thin long card:

We know you’re busy

But below are a few things you may want to know about your brand new Heist tights.

How to show your Heist tights a bit of love.

After figuring out whether the yarn is softer than a Siberian goose or a particularly fluffy labradoodle, use the traditional ‘bunched up fabric over foot’ approach to put them on.

 So far so tights. Now for the uniquely Heist bit…

When you pull up the tights, grab a hold of a bunch of leg fabric as well as the waistband. In other words, don’t yank up the tights just holding the waistband. No matter how excited you are. 

That’s it. Leap, prance, or just get on with your day.

Tights myths debunked.

Putting you tights in a freezer doesn’t work.

The clear nail varnish tricks deliver mixed results.

Cacti and cat claws are not your friends.

The boring washing bits.

We love tights, so it’ll be no surprise that we recommend washing them by hand in lukewarm water. 

But we know you’ve probably got better things to do than scrub nylons in a sink, so we’ve designed them to love spinning around in your washing machine. 


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love how detailed they go about their product on that piece of card. It’s such a great idea for newbies who don’t really do tights on a regular basis (or not at all)!


Getting Them On: so I did what the card told me to do – even though I tend to do that anyways but I don’t go into great detail about how I roll up. This time I’m gonna do it without gloves to test this ‘durability’ they rave on about 🙂

Now not gonna lie … before I got them on, I saw a few little snags which really did miff me off and that was before I started the scrunch and roll. But I will get into that a little further down.

So over anklets, I took extra care as I don’t wanna be snagging them up, and they went over them completely fine.



On The Legs: so let’s get down to it.

First let me talk about the denier; it’s 30 which looks about right on the legs to be honest. It looks great with patterned dresses and skirts to help make those legs look good, or even if you rocked with plain attire, it would still be nice.

The fit of them I have to say were pretty good; they hugged the legs well but then during the day I saw these have some really weird marking in the tights. it looked as if they had been pulled too much so the yarns were expanding a little. I can’t say these were tight on the legs or I had to tug them too much, but I was a little disappointed there.

The feel of them I have to say I wasn’t feeling; they aren’t as soft as you think, but that’s my opinion. I found them to feel a little rough and grainy, and I saw that on my legs too which wasn’t that pretty to look at.

Now the snagging; I am super annoyed. These are supposed to be durable and last, but I ended up with so many during the day. I can’t even say it’s my nails or anything doing it. These tights are meant to be pretty much snag-free, but that is something that I felt was lacking when I got this pair on – let alone it came with a snag already before I got them on the legs.

Not too happy here … Is Heist really that great?



The Toes & Ankle: so onto the toes and ankle area. These are alright; not too sure if they are reinforced or not as it doesn’t state anywhere so I would be careful with long or sharp toenails wearing these as the last thing you want is a massive hole!

There is some wiggle room, but not as much as you would like; basically I couldn’t spread toes out and there were a few times I had to take my heels off to pinch the tights away from the toes to relieve some pressure.

Around the ankles, I didn’t encounter any issues, which is always a good thing. Just a nice smooth finish (no wrinkles or crinkles I mean by this).



The Waistband & Gusset: now this is my favourite part; the band. It is super comfortable and one of the best bands I have tried to date. It is super smooth and just shapes really nicely to your body, making it feel like you haven’t got it around your waist. I love the thickness of it which gives you reassurance of that support. These are elasticated but not ones you can pull and stretch like you can with other tights; these are enough to fit your waist size.

Now the only downside here is that side image where you see that piece at the side and then those stretch markings on the tights which can easily be covered but I spent my day worrying about them pulling too much that they might end up ripping!

So these don’t have a gusset to them; it’s just pure sheer so not too sure what you commando-ers are gonna do here!




My Thoughts?

Honestly… I don’t know about these. I personally think there is so much hype around them, and for me these didn’t deliver. I found the quality to be quite poor, and with all those snags and markings it has put me off them to be honest.

Don’t get me wrong, my legs look great in them and all that, but I like to go for pairs that actually are worth the money that you pay for them. I found these to be ok price wise, but not something I would recommend to followers if they’re after a decent quality pair.

Sorry Heist – not got my vote this time!

Let’s see how tomorrow’s review in the nude goes!


5 thoughts on “Heist ‘The Thirty’ Tights

  1. Personally I was very disappointed with Heist as well, after the first wear I had a hole in the heel, I have spent a year trying to get them to deliver to Canada and I kept getting the same answer…. we are working on it…. so I ended up buying mine off of ebay at a higher price only to find out that they don’t live up to the greatness that Heist brags about, I won’t be purchasing them again.

  2. Hi there Soni,

    I hope you are well! We really appreciate you taking the time to review us so thoroughly. I sent you a tweet yesterday but just in case you missed it I thought I would write you a little message here. Such a shame that you had this experience with our Thirtys, they are delicate because of the low dernier but they should have should have lasted you longer than one wear. Soni, if you pop us an email: support@heist-studios.com we will try to resolve this for you as quickly as possible.

    Happy Thursday!

    Best wishes,
    Heist Studios