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Heist: The Outer Body

So yes I decided to go to London and get myself into The Outer Body to try out.

I initially went in mid November and met some amazing girls who helped me out a lot. I told them I wanted to know the ‘hype’ about the outer body and what was so special about it. I also did little snippets on my Instastory which you can see further down the blog the nonsense I talk (and please excuse my annoying voice!)

As I didn’t have time to try it on when I first visited the store, I decided to revisit them the following week, with my Canon so I could try it out for myself.

In this blog, I will explain my experience, what I had to do to get my sizing followed by trying it on for myself.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: Small (UK 8-10)

Materials: Main body: 74% polyamide, 26% elastane
Lining: 100% cotton

Price: £120.00

Website: Heist: The Outer Body

My 1st Experience

When I first visited Heist, I stumbled across it by accident when I was strolling through Seven Dials, London. As soon as I saw the shop (with that amazing hosiery window display), I knew I had to go in and see what it was like for myself.

The girls who were there (I forgot names – whoops!) were ever so helpful when I walked in! My initial question to them was:

“What makes the outer body so different to other shapewear for that price?”

Now they explained how it is different to Spanx – it lets your body breathe, it lets it move, you don’t end up with markings from your shapewear no matter how long you wear it for. It’s durable, lasts after numerous washes, and the best of it –

You can wear it as outer wear so you don’t need to hide it under clothing!

I cannot tell you how I enjoyed my conversation with them; it wasn’t all about selling it to me, it was giving me all the information I needed to hear about it. I didn’t want all these big words and unknown terms thrown my way so it sounds all fancy; I wanted the simple basic version and they delivered that!


My 2nd Experience

So I went back in the following week (and they were expecting me too let me just add!) and I had another amazeballs helpful woman (who by the way makes her own awesome earrings!) who gave me a little run down of how the fitting is going to go:

They first take measurements to find out what size I will be;

  • they measure around the bust
  • the body loop (from the shoulder under your womanly area and back up the shoulder again)
  • the waist
  • the hip

I forgot to take an image of the lady doing this!! Just to let you know it’s best to wear something easy to slip off so they can measure you correctly; I had to be in a tight fitted skirt didn’t I when I stepped in!

Now the sad thing here is that I am going to be an X-Small which they currently don’t have in stock, so I said I would happily try the Small on to see what it’s like on the skin. So when you come to read my little review below, please just remember it won’t be about the sizing in my blog, but about the product itself.


Oh by the way, the image above is in one of their changing rooms; I cannot tell you how cute it is in there, let alone spacious! I loved their wall art and the signage on the mirror, so I had to take a pic to show you all (please excuse my weird face!)


The Review

From The Website: Does everything shapewear should, but better. Shaping, comfortable, wearable – and takes up to 5cm off your waist.

The Outer Body takes up to 5cm off your waist without putting pressure on other areas by mimicking your body’s own support system. Seam-free edges lie flat for an invisible look no matter what you’re wearing.

We made The Outer Body breathable thanks to 20,000 laser perforations in the shaping panels, so you feel supported without getting hot and bothered.

We timed it: you can get in and out of The Outer Body in 15 seconds. Plus, a hook-and-eye fastening makes bathroom breaks easy.

Getting It On: so once again bear in mind that this is not my size! It was pretty easy to slip into; I went from top down rather than bottom up (like some people do) and then did the hooks at the bottom.

Their whole motto around this is that it’s easy to get on, so you don’t waste time wiggling yourself into it. It’s just a straight get on and go.



The Front: okay so the front as you will be able to see further down is supposed to be a smooth flush finish around the breasts, so it looks like you’re wearing a top. On me you see these strands from the under-breast to the shoulder – this should not happen when you’re in the right size and fit for your body.

Under the breasts you have this massive panel where it starts to work its way in; this is the bit where it’s supposed to shape you in.

The straps are also adjustable let me mention (before I forget to) so you have the option to make it comfortable and fitted to you.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The Fitting: okay so as you can see below, the back is looking slightly baggy – a proper fitted body won’t be doing this to you. It will be flush against the skin; basically acting like a 2nd skin.

It shouldn’t be loose or too tight; so you can breathe and not be so restricted. Even over the tushy – it needs to be hugging it and not flapping over. At least you all can see how it shouldn’t look on you – which I think is a bonus 🙂


Zooming Into It: I gotta say I did love how this felt on; it’s so soft, so smooth, so comfortable and not once did I end up perspiring in it. I love the way it didn’t rub against me; I hate it when shapewear irritates the skin and just makes you wanna tear it off.

Now I have done some images where I exposed the light, so you can see those hidden panels on the back and front. This body is made out of bonded material which allows your skin to breathe through this – something that I don’t think other shapewear has to offer if I am honest. It’s the first I have heard of it – and loved the idea!

You don’t wanna be sweaty Betty!!!

Oh and another little pointer – the breast cups are also moulded too – so it gives a smooth seamless finish!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So as I was talking to the lovely girls at the shop, they mentioned to me that a lot of people tend to go for a smaller size to wear under occasionwear. I did question this;

Larger sized women tend to go one size (or even 2 at times) smaller just to wear under occasionwear. This is not idea to wear for the whole day, but for a few hours to give that striking curved in effect. The Small size is the best seller at the moment!

This doesn’t mean medium and large aren’t flying off the shelves, but it’s ideal to wear a size that fits you perfectly if you’re after something to wear all day!

I was so amazed at this; the fact that a Small can fit a large person is astonishing. But then again it doesn’t surprise me as this is some stretchy material which holds its shape. I really can see why this outer body is now worth the price after trying it myself.


My Thoughts?

I gotta say I am loving it. I did think (like many others) that it was overpriced and why would someone pay so much money for this? What makes it different from Spanx or other brands who offer it for more than half the price?!

I see why now – the amount of work that has gone into this is amazing. It does everything it says on the packet in my eyes; it allows you to breathe, it allows you to move without feeling like you have shapewear on. It does it so effortlessly and that is something you cannot find anywhere!

Another bonus point is that you can wear this as a normal bodysuit; expose it as much as you like! Wear it with a blazer on top or a sheer blouse; forget hiding this! OWN IT!

So if you’re after an XS (like I am) a little birdie told me these will be available early 2019!


I would like to say a massive thank you to the Heist Team; both social and the girls I met in the store. You have made my experience so pleasant (something I certainly won’t ever be forgetting) and I cannot wait to try the X-Small so I can give a proper review of it on me!

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