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Hēdoïne ‘The Bold’ Tights

New brand alert to the blog – which I am totally hyped about! This brand is pretty new and is already making a great impression

Now this review will be slightly different than my usual as I wanna get as much info across to you all the best I can regarding Hēdoïne.

The Bold Spec

Colour: Black

Size: XS – S

Denier: 20 body / 40 reinforced parts

Materials: 70% Nylon & 30% Spandex

Price: £28.00

Website: Hēdoïne – The Bold

About Hēdoïne

From The Website:


Ladder-free / run-resistant & seamless tights

With ladder-free guarantee!

We set the bar in comfort, quality, and style. Soft, ladder-free and seamless tights made in Italy – tights as they should be. One less thing to worry about on your busy schedule

  • 20 DEN
  • seamless & soft
  • high and low slimming waistband
  • elegant patterns
  • highest quality yarns
  • modern 3D knitting techniques
  • made in Italy
  • no more pressure marks, no sagging and no seams that shine through your dress


Ladder-Free: Through the combination of innovative yarns and then newest 3D knitting techniques, our tights do not ladder or run. They are 20 denier and thus, not nondestructive, but a lot more durable than normal tights. So, even if a small hole might occur at some point it will not spread down your leg – guaranteed! Otherwise you will receive a refund.

Waistband: Our tights come with two different waistbands: In low (9 cm / 3.5 inches) and in high (15 cm / 6 inches). The low waistband slims the hips and is perfect for skirts or simply when you do not like your stomach to be covered. The high waistband is great to slim and shape your silhouette and tummy.

Washing: Wash at 30 Celsius. Do not dry, do not iron, do not bleach.

Pregnancy: You might wonder whether you can wear our tights during pregnancy? Yes, you can! While they are not maternity tights per se, our Hedoines find the high waistband very comfortable in the first few months.


About The Brand:

The brand was founded by Alex and Anna, who were working for many years in banking and consulting and did not enjoy wearing tights to work. Hēdoïne is a bold luxury brand that aims to bring innovation to every piece of the business outfit – starting with the biggest pain point: tights! Hēdoïne is a brand that caters to strong energetic women with high aspirations, who are same time outgoing and do not take themselves too seriously.


Product & Production:

They have reinvented business tights by combining the highest quality yarns with innovative 3D knitting techniques to make them ladder-resistant and very soft, as they should be. They are produced in Italy, seamless and come in low and high slimming waistband heights for a perfect fit.

They are made with anti-bacterial and anti-odour fabrics. Expressive patterns around the waistband and under the toes reflect elegance in every detail and make Hēdoïne tights are a true part of the business outfit – and a fashion statement.

Currently, they have three models with low and high waistband each and will offer more nude colours in January to cater for all skin tones.

In comparison to the mass production of other competitors, Hēdoïne tights are hand finished with a lot of attention to detail. Hēdoïne produces in Europe with certifications that protect labour and the environment, for example: Fair pay check, male and female staff members receive equal wages for work of equal value, no child labour or excessive overtime, worker have rights like freedom of opinion, are protected by law against for example physical, sexual or physiological harassment.

Low environment impact, e.g. water is being cleaned before being remitted in the environment and all products are high biodegradable (harmful chemicals avoided, even if they are not yet legally regulated)

All products used during the production are safe for humans and environment.

Soni’s Review

The Packaging: I gotta say their packaging is super impressive. I was completely taken back by how beautifully they were presented. Through the door, they come in a branded bubble envelope, with a satin pouch which carries the hosiery.

I was blessed enough to try out the high and low waisted pairs in ‘The Bold’ collection. These came in small plastic packaging (small note – this will be replaced from January onwards with a beautifully designed recycled paper envelope.)


Out Of The Packaging: I decided to get all up close and personal here; I wanted to show you all what to expect once you get into the packaging. These are folded down into a small cube. One thing I was impressed with was the foot and leg shaping they have to them, even though these were folded right down.

Normally you won’t find hosiery like this; a good idea to use less packaging materials.

I have to say both pairs are identical (minus the difference in the waistband) but what I did find that the low waisted tights actually came with a snag to begin with. I was so careful when unfolding these to make sure I don’t cause any snags before I even get them on. I have highlighted that below so you can see when it was held up against the light.

The High Waisted Pair


The Low Waisted Pair


On The Legs: I am mindblown with how gorgeous they look. My first impression was that these have a slimming effect to them; making your legs look longer and a little more toned. I thank the matte finish on these for that – they truly do work wonders at times!

The denier being 20 gives you great leg coverage, and as these are a matte finish, these will look darker on the legs than other 20 deniers I have done in the past. This is the type to hide leg stubbles (if that’s an issue for you) and gives you a luxury smooth finish.

The quality I have to say is amazing; I did mention that my low waisted pair came with a few snags, but these stayed as snags and became nothing more during the day. Hēdoïne  pride themselves in their ladder-resistant hosiery and I can see why. I hardly got anything after a full day’s wear on both of these. I was super impressed with how amazing the quality is.

**Another little tip is that they actually offer a ladder-free guarantee as well so if you do come across a snag which became a ladder, then get in touch and they will be able to sort it from there so you don’t ever need to feel like you’ve bought a pair and it’s gone to waste!**

Oh and let me mention that these do have a lot of stretch in them; I won’t say it becomes baggy or loose on the legs, but there is enough to make sure your legs are hugged well and you still have breathing room in them. I found these to be super stretchy when I was pulling them up to the point I have to shimmy them down a little as I went too high to begin with!

The overall look of them is just gorgeous; it’s a lovely classy pair which I certainly can’t get enough of. I have come across a few luxe pairs, and I have to say that these are neck in neck with Heist tights.

I love the way they fit, feel and the way they make your legs looks stunningly slim … And the fact that no pressure marks are left behind after a day’s wear which is a rare quality nowadays!

I will mention just in case you are picky like me that these may have some weird markings to them; that I found when I pulled them up higher (which let me remind you is easily done) so don’t worry too much as they begin to fall into place once you start moving in them and the markings do slowly disappear. I also found that rubbing them gently with your hands can help too!

The High Waisted Pair


The Low Waisted Pair


The Toes & Ankle:  I gotta say it gets even better when you start moving towards the toes and feet! These come reinforced with a toe panel which then works into a huge sole panel underneath. I really did like the design that works on the panels, and can also be found on the waistband too.

The tights give you plenty of room to wiggle your toes and is free from any added pressure. They allow your feet to breathe which I love 🙂

Around the ankles, they have a lovely smooth wrinkle-free finish, so you don’t ever have to worry about they falling down creating an ankle pile. Just make sure you get the right size!


The Waistband: so I have to say I was waiting to review this part as the waistband plays a massive part in a pair of tights, especially when you spend most of your life in them like I do! So to begin with, I found these have no gusset or seams, so you use their logo for placement (the logo will sit at the front on the right hand side of you) to make sure you get them on the right way. You can also use the foot and leg shaping as a guide as well.

Oh and that gorgeous design can also be found here too!

Another little gem I found with these is that they have a slight compression piece in the waistband, so it can help slim the figure slightly. I didn’t know that before until I did a little research on them!

And I can’t forget that it’s completely seam-free so you don’t need to worry about lining this up against you. I love the fact that you get this smooth finish on the front and back so you can wear tighter fitted clothing with not having to worry about that pesky seam pushing through!

The low waistband fit me like an absolute dream; it seriously felt like I wasn’t wearing one once I got moving around. I absolutely loved the way they sat on them; they didn’t move out of place at all and actually moved with me rather than staying put making it uncomfortable. These sat below the belly button on me, but I found that to be ok (I normally like it just covering the belly button).

The high waistband was a little more difficult; I wore this with a bodycon dress so I expected it to sit completely flush on me. I found it did to begin with, but if you sit a lot, these might not be ideal. These started to roll down and crinkle quite bad throughout the day, which then started showing through my dress at one stage. I had to roll them down and smooth them out a few times to stop that from repeatedly happening. I got to say it didn’t really work out for me as well as I would have liked it to. These were so comfortable as well; I won’t knock that part but they just didn’t sit like I wanted them to.

The High Waisted Pair


The Low Waisted Pair


My Thoughts?

“Is it worth the money?”

I have to say yes it certainly is if you’re after a long-lasting and durable pair of tights. I loved being in mine and the comfort level is just insane. I love the fit and feel of them which makes all the difference. They have so much going for them and I am so glad I got to review them; the ladder-resistant feature, the slimming waistband, the seam-free parts etc. I loved it all!

These have had a lot of praise from media, and I can understand why now. This is certainly a pair I can see making it big!


The Independent:“(…) Despite catching a nail in them, there was no laddering in this run-resistant pair” – link

Memorandum: “Most Resilient: HEDOINE” – Link

Sheerluxe: “(…) Now the big question: did they rip? Surprisingly, not even a
snag, despite only being 20 denier and being worn all day and night. Impressive” – link

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