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Happy Halloween πŸŽƒ

So this is a blog about the outfit as well as a mini review on the holdups I was wearing! well more like socks that feel like nylons really…

My Outfit

So I went with the fallen angel with this one. I was gonna dress it sexy but then I had those awesome lenses that I was supposed to wear for my LegsLavish review for Halloween!!Β I teamed up with my studded heels as my highest boots I left at my in-laws so these were the best I could match them up with!!

Dress, Wings & Halo – Ann Summers

Lenses – Online via Google

Shoes – Gifted via Amazon

Lipstick – Kat Von D Vampira


The Review

So the packaging – really crap! It came in just a plastic bag with no description or nothing attached. I had to go back through Amazon to find out what they were!

Getting them on were easy as pie – you don’t need to scrunch and roll at all! I got these fine over anklets too – the denier is thick enough (say around 60 I would say)

I do love the little bow right at the top of these – it makes them instantly cute and turned my outfit a little kinky like I realised!! πŸ˜‰

The feel of these are super soft although they do catch fluff like there is no tomorrow. So a lot of brushing-off is needed to keep them looking pristine.

The quality of them aren’t too great but then again they aren’t expensive! You may notice lines in them which did annoy me a little as it did stand out in the end!!! It’s visible where I did a close up of the bows and where I do my ninja pose (also the featured image)

These can be dressed anyhow and it’s actually nice that they’re sock-type as pairing up with work boots and trainers would be super cute!! Also the band at the top is amazing – it doesn’t roll or fall down either so I’m super happy!!!! Normally they do but these are πŸ‘ πŸ‘

Overall? They’re pretty sweet and are good for short term use!!Β i would recommend!!!



3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween πŸŽƒ

  1. Great outfit Soni .
    Loving the contacts and The bows are cute. I was looking at some faux hold ups type from calzessa the other day that had lovely bows on them. Great for the party season 😘