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Happy 25k with Vanessa Sheers

Let me just say a big thank you to begin with to everyone who follows and supports my work! Still can’t believe it’s growing on a daily basis and that is all thanks to you guys – over the past month the amount of people who have helped me grow, supported my little side business and just sending love overall has been overwhelming! I genuinely do thank each and every one of you! *lots of kisses*


My Outfit:

So I thought I would celebrate with doing a panda coloured theme (as most of you have seen on my Instragram!) with a short black dress and my long converse boots. I haven’t pulled these out in a while and thought this would be the ideal time to do so! I would have gone for heels but I wanted to do a cute everyday look and do something for those who aren’t as girly but love tights!

My Deets:

Dress: Republic

Tights: Sentelegri Vanessa Sheers via Amazon

Sneakers: Converse from Schuh


So let me get cracking for you all as I know a lot of you have been waiting for this post since I posted that video:

  • Packaging: these came with a simple print at the front just showing the style of them (on a model) with a peep hole at the top showing the colour of the tights inside. They had the basic sizing description stated at the back too. Unpacking it, they were wrapped around the cardboard which was smooth-edged so snagging wouldn’t have been an issue here.
  • These have reinforced toes which are a denser denier than the rest of the tights – they look so cool – especially when you have bright coloured nail varnish on underneath!
  • They’re so easy to get on and off around the anklets – they just seem to roll straight over so no worries there!
  • As they’re not a block, they add a lovely sheen to the legs. In some images it doesn’t look like I have any on until I put my arm against it and then you can see the difference. I had to be careful of lighting in this room as I wanted to show off the lights without losing it because the lighting is so bright!
  • They have the cut-off point when it comes to the bum area so short shorts may be a problem unless you like exposing that bit. You may be able to see it slightly in the video on Instagram when I twirled
  • The band is pretty strong on these – they didn’t feel like they would hold at first when I was pulling and playing with them when I got them out the pack, but when they are on, they are good and stay up well.
  • They are a very smooth and silky denier (20s) and would actually look good with colours on top or underneath ( for those of you who like to layer up).

The only bad point I would like to mention is that they do snag easily – I ended up getting a slight hole on the thigh after it caught my nail! Otherwise they aren’t so bad!!


Would I recommend? Oh gosh yes. Now I’m experimenting with colours, I’ve mixing up the wardrobe a bit (so it’s  becoming easier) I would say yes to these. They would work for most of the season and would work a treat layering in Autumn/Winter months


5 thoughts on “Happy 25k with Vanessa Sheers

  1. I was determined not to like these but I actually quite do. It must be the outfit you’ve teamed them up with that’s the key.

    Congrats on the milestone of 25K 👍😘😘