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Guoar Fur Strap Boots

Let’s start off with a big thank you to Mr anonymous who gifted me these. They came a while back but never really had a chance to wear them out!

We are having the #backingtheblues day to support Leicester City Football and this was the perfect opportunity to wear them to work!!

Now what I love about these boots were the fact that they were made to measure and smelt so good when they came!


Ok ok ok, I just wanna talk all about the good now, so let me start from the packaging:

  • They came so well packed – the box was a little damaged however it was sturdy and tough as anything so that didn’t really matter. As soon as you open it, you see the little compliments card inside along with some smellies (a little pot pourri bag which smelt gorgeous) and some little extras like foot pads and heel grips as well just in case. What a kind gesture?! The boots were individually wrapped in a mesh-like bag to protect them from scuffing.
  • The boots themselves smelt so lovely and so new. The sole of them you may need to be careful of as they no grip whatsoever so you might want to scuff them yourselves or get it put on by a shoe cobbler.
  • They were easily to slip on and off as well. I didn’t even need to loosen the straps around the boots to get my feet in. However, if you are wide-footed, you may need to do so.
  • They are so comfortable to walk in (I did struggle at first as they had no grip on my laminated floor!) and without any platform support at the front of the foot, I think I did pretty well.
  • I love the cute little peep toe at the front – I think that’s what made me fall in love with these boots. They are just something so different!
  • Even though they have fur at the front, they are not fur lined inside (which means they can be worn throughout all the seasons!) and tights won’t be a problem either! I didn’t wear any today but with dresses I sure will!

Do I have any bad points? Erm I don’t think I do in all honesty. I think the only thing I will mention is that as they have a stiletto heel, you will need to be careful with cracks in the pavement as well as quicker wear and tear on them. The amount of pressure you would put on these, the caps will wear off quicker than most shoes.


Teaming Up:

Well you can pair these up with almost anything – jeans, skirts, dresses, leggings. I mean there is no limit with these.

Dresses with tights are a must with these or bodycon / midi skirts with or without tights would be stunning too.

Although I will mention that heavy tight prints you may need to be careful of – I tried it with Wolford Sousan yesterday and it did not look right so just bear that in mind.


My deets for today:

Lipstick – Elizabeth Arden

Jumper – Vero Moda

Skinny Jeans – Dorothy Perkins

Boots – Guoar via Amazon