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Greatonu Slip On Lace Ballet Flats

And hello ballet flats. I’m just gonna say I know a lot of people will be disappointed that I am in flats and not heels, but I wanted to get into a pair and be versatile for a change. Not everyone wears heels – for whatever reason – and I want to reach out to those who will benefit from reviews like these.

Anyways enough babbling, I got these gifted from my Amazon Wishlist a little while back along with 2 more pairs (yep I have some more to come) so I thought I would get started with a cute everyday pair.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: UK 5.5

Materials: Outer Material: Synthetic | Inner Material: Mesh | Sole: Synthetic

Price: £22.99

Website: Amazon – Greatonu Women Shoes Cut Out Slip On Lace Ballet Flats

The Review

From The Website:

Greatonu and MaxMuxun shoes emphasize on comfort and fun. With exceptional materials and beautiful styling, each pair of Greatonu shoes is an affordable luxury that cleverly combines a youthful outlook with a worldly sensibility. Where there are shoes, there are Greatonu and MaxMuxun.

Shoes Details
Upper material: Synthetic
Lining material: Synthetic
Insole material: Leather
Out-sole material: TPR
Heel height: approx 0.5 inches
Heel type: Flats


The Packaging: I have to say I was impressed with the packaging of these flats. The box was pretty sturdy and didn’t bend easily which is normally the case. These came tissue wrapped inside, and was padded to keep the shape of the flats intact.

I did my thorough check of the flats, and found them to be looking pretty great with no complaints.


Getting Them On: I’ll let my video do most of the talking for me, but they are super easily to slide your feet into, whether you’re wearing hosiery or not.


On The Feet: so let me start off with the sizing. Normally I’m between UK 5 and 6, so I opted for 5.5 and I have to say these were ever so slightly big on me. I thought it would be the perfect fit, but actually they slipped at the back a little. I can easily pad these out which isn’t an issue, but it’s something to note down if you are looking to buy a pair; make sure you check out their sizing guide!

The quality of these are pretty decent as long as you take care of them. They aren’t a cheap flimsy pair which I thought they were going to be – it was a nice surprise for a change. I have seem so many in the past that overcharge and they just fall apart after a few wears. I don’t see it happening to these.

The lace design is a lovely touch. They are lace from the front to the back, with a faux leather panel finish behind the ankle. It is see through and sits on top of a mesh base, so if you have a popping nail varnish colour, this will certainly shin through. I don’t have anything on at the moment, so it’s just boring and bland here.

Around the edges which sit on top of the feet are a smooth finish; these didn’t rub against my foot or make it sore in any way like you can get with some cheaper shoes. Plus it helped wearing hosiery with my pair instead of going bare foot in them.

The bottom of the flats I was super impressed with; it’s a rubber-like sole which won’t wear away so easily compared to normal plastic-like soles.


My Thoughts?

Apart from the sizing issue, I think these look adorable and something you can dress up for work or down for a casual day out. I love the lace design to them and that they cover the toes fully – perfect for those who see this as an issue.