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Gossard Sienna Bandeau Bikini & Pia Rossini Paradise Cover Up

It is finally getting warmer, which means the perfect bikini hunt is now on! I love bold and bright bikinis, however sometimes nothing can beat a simple (yet effective) black bikini.

Now as the Gossard brand is no longer available on UKSwimwear, I will provide a link below where you can shop similar pieces. UKSwimwear has such amazing styles and designs compared to the normal high street brands, especially if you’re after good-fitting quality bikinis to last you.

The Spec For The Bikini

Colour: Black

Size: UK 8

Price: £69.95 / Sale £29.95

Website: UKSwimwear – High Waisted Bikinis / UKSwimwear – Bandeau Bikinis


The Spec For The Cover-Up

Colour: Multi

Size: One Size

Materials: 100% Nylon

Price: £39.95

Website: UKSwimwear – Pia Rossini Paradise Cover Up

The Review


The Packaging: so as you can see, these came on hangers (and in their own individual bags) to protect them in the outer packaging. They had many tags, just explaining a little about the benefits of the bikini and the bottoms.



The Top: so the top has got to be one of the bustiest I own. These are super padded and perfect for those who want that extra boost. This also did have extra puff pads in them, but I took those out as it was a little too much for me and it sat way too far out. I love how they give the illusion of a bigger bust – which is very rare for bikini tops!

I have to say it was so comfortable to be in; I thought it would be a right pain to be in throughout the day, but this actually was super comfortable; it didn’t feel heavy on my front or back, it didn’t move out of place, it didn’t fall down due to the padded weight.

The top of it is a halterneck, which does tie very well. I say this as I have had halternecks in the past which start to un-knot themselves and it just drops right down. One I tied it at the back, it stayed put the whole day. I had no issues with the strings at all, and they are super elasticated as well with enough length to double knot if you wish!

The cup was the perfect size for me; sometimes I have to try them on before I buy just to make sure it fits well around my front and back, but Gossard is bang on for me. I thought it might be too tight and just bulge out everywhere… And I can happily say that was not the case!

The padding was something that I had to get my head around for a while; to begin with I thought it was too much, but once I took out the extra puff pads, it sat better on my front and didn’t look too ‘fake’ – even though it completely is lol! I felt more comfortable eventually. By the way, there is a lot of padding in this, so do me mindful is you get a similar bikini!

The back fastening was such a nightmare; it took me a whole day to try and get it right. I had to get friends to help me do it up as I kept doing it the wrong way. I can tell you it is a solid fastening which is not undoing itself any time soon! Now this is where I will say make sure you try it on before you commit to it, as this will be fitted to your size with very little stretch to it due to the padding. Luckily this fit me first time around, so I was alright with it but you don’t have an adjustable features on the front or back.

It’s like some extra secure locking system at the back!


The Bottoms: now I feel bad as I don’t have many images of my high waisted bottoms! But I gotta say they were super comfy to be in. I normally go for shorts or low waisted bottoms, but it was such a nice change and especially with a bikini top which was the focal point.

So these sat just around my belly button (if not just slightly further up) and I had no issues at all. They weren’t too tight or too loose on me, which I really liked. They were super comfortable and I actually forgot that they were around the waist.

The design is a cute little finishing touch to the whole set; simple but effective enough I say.

Around the back, they completely cover your tushy, so you don’t really get bum hanging out everywhere – especially if your conscious of that happening. I was in them all day and this wasn’t an issue for me (yes I am bum conscious).

One point for all women is these fit flush against your skin, and I mean everywhere so won’t end up with anything bulging out or clinging too much so you see more than you bargained for. They are a lovely smooth finish.


The Fit: I have to say the overall fit was great for both the top and the bottoms, and they were a set I could be in all day long. I loved the way it looked together and the joyous thing is that you can mix and match these with other colours or designs to really jazz it up. This can also work with patterned cover ups or mesh clothing if you were out and about.



The Cover Up: so I paired a lovely heavy floral cover-up with my bikini. I thought this was a beautiful piece to add on top, so you still get to see the bikini but your eyes are more focused on the t-shirt instead.

As this is one-sized, it will fit most UK sizes. I loved oversized cover-ups as you can dress it how you like rather than it being slightly more fitted. I would normally just add pumps or wedges to finish off this look and go out – obvs when I am on a beach or something.

The design works all around – both front, back and sleeves and I have to say it doesn’t irritate the skin at all. When I saw it was a smooth mesh with the sewn floral design, I did think what it would be like against the skin.. And it was completely fine. It just glided right past and I didn’t have to itch myself once!



My Thoughts?

I love this whole set, including the cover-up. It was a pleasure being in such a gorgeous bikini… And as I keep saying it was simple but effective enough to get those eyes on you.