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Gossard Everyday Boost Plunge Bra & Panty Set

Isn’t it great when you get your hands on some real nice quality lingerie to just please yourself? I love it – I am always on the hunt for buying new bits and pieces and Gossard is becoming one of my favourite brands!

Never underestimate the power of a good bra and panties

Now let me just mention that these thongs go with the previous lace bra and not these, but I decided to pair up with the everyday bra as it’s plain … and lonely.

The Bra Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 32B

Product Code: 11251

Price: £24.00

Website: Gossard – Gossard Everyday Boost Plunge Bra


The Panty Spec

Colour: Black

Size: X-Small

Product Code: 8826

Price: £16.00

Website: Gossard – Glamour Lace Thong

The Bra Review

From The Website: Meet Gossard’s new Everyday collection, Boost! Keep it simple and sexy with Gossard Everyday. Boost provides the support and fit that we love from Gossard, the perfect everyday t-shirt bra or when you’re requiring a little extra boost….

  • Super soft stretch fabric with a subtle shimmer that shouts luxury and comfort
  • Uniquely designed sweetheart cup that provides an elegant and sophisticated shape
  • Oval rose gold logo plate and strap detailing
  • Matching briefs incorporate a classic, simple elegance with undeniable comfort.


The Packaging: so these arrived all in one package open and on hangers. I am keen to try this on out as this is the everyday bra; with a super boost to them!

So a little card came attached to the bra basically summing up the perks of it:


The Front: it’s a gorgeous smooth finish with the lace which I love; it’s not something that would really be shown if bodycon clothing was on. You can’t really tell these have maximum padding in them when you look at the front of the bra, which is something I really do like.

The plunge front is even better for those who are smaller busted as this helps to emphasise the size and create a more filled out look.


The Back: nothing much to really tell you about the back of it; the clasps are decent and the hook and eye is still real good even though you’re only working with one set. Normally you get a 2 strip (as a minimum) but these are slimline and still sit comfortable on the back without any irritation.

The straps are adjustable and keeping with the black and gold theme. These sit a lot wider than some bras do; these are on the edge of the shoulders rather than sitting closer in.


The Fit: is just beautiful! It sits pretty much flush against the chest so you don’t get any gapping or boob-squash. Under the arms there is no sign of it being tight where you have skin hanging out either.

The fit under the cups is great; comfortable and snug fit. It sits real nice against the skin and doesn’t feel tight whatsoever.


The Padding: these help emphasise what I’m currently working with but I have to say it doesn’t look natural compared to the last piece I did. I feel this is something I wouldn’t want to wear a low cut top with as it just doesn’t look that great.

However, to turn this around, these have removable pads – so you can opt for the natural look or the boost. I tried it with boost only as it’s new and I didn’t wanna mess with it. But I did try it on without the extra padding and it looked great. It’s still slightly padded but more of a comfortable fit (and not like you’re trying too hard!)


The Panty Review

From The Website: Complete your Glamour Lace look with the ultra comfy thong.

  • Feminine full lace thong with flattering back panel
  • Detailed with a rose gold Gossard front detailing


The Packaging: once again these came open in the packaging bag. As you can see, they were kept on the hangers, which helps to keep them in shape and well… presentable really rather than crumpled underwear!


The Front: so the front is a simple soft lace design with a small ‘Gossard’ logo which then works into a satin-like bottom. It’s a simple yet elegant design, and perfect to give you that luxury feeling no matter what occasion you wear them for.


The Back: is still working the satin-touch which makes it super comfortable to wear. The inner part has a cotton section making it easier for your below to breathe. You don’t see any lace parts at the back which I find helps the fit of them; if it’s all lace I find the elastic isn’t as great!


The Fit: is just amazeballs! They aren’t tight at all, and to be honest they feel like you’re not wearing anything. They have plenty of elasticity in them and not at any stage did it feel tight or uncomfortable to wear or be in. They sit low waist (although you can sit the sides higher if you wish) and feel amazing under clothing. They are pretty smooth under clothing so you won’t see my visible lines or patterns.

(excuse the scratch marks I had an itchy belly when I took these shots!)



My Thoughts?

Even though the panties don’t belong with this bra, I love the way you can just mix and match lingerie to suit you and your needs. I am crushing over this whole set and honestly, these are definitely something I was lacking in my wardrobe.

I love the fit and feel of both items, and I would recommend if you are considering to buy a nice classy set to wear however and whenever you like.