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Goldenlady 40D Hold-Up Stocking Tights

And hello Golden Lady! This is the 1st time I am trying out this brand which I saw all over Amazon, so I am super excited as to how these wear throughout the day! This is another pair which was kindly gifted as a little birthday treat from one of my superb followers.

Now as this is a new brand to the blog, I would like to add a little bit about the background of them before I start my review:

About Golden Lady

Golden Lady UK is a subsidiary company of the Golden Lady Company based in Northern Italy.
We import quality hosiery and socks from our parent company in Italy for distribution to the UK market.
Established 1989, our Head Office and distribution centre is based in Nottingham, where we run our sales and admin operation.
Using the finest yarns and Italian flair for design, quality and innovation are our passion and we bring this to the UK market for the most important customer – YOU!

Goldenlady is one of the brands of Golden Lady Company, an international industrial group, worldwide leader and key player in design, manufacture and retail of hosiery and underwear.
Founded in 1967 in Castiglione delle Stiviere (Italy, Mantua), the Group’s strategy combines a defined Italian style and continuous product diversification, with the opening of new markets through the acquisition of the best national and international brands of hosiery including Philippe Matignon, Filodoro, SiSi and Omsa, as well as the American brands No-Nonsense and Hue. Golden Lady boasts 12 production sites located in Italy, United States and Serbia, with an overall production of 400 million tights per year, distributed in 70 countries worldwide.
Golden Lady Company is the market leader in Italian hosiery with a share of 35% and a key player in all major European markets including France, Germany, Spain and England, through its subsidiaries and sales agencies.
In the US market, the Golden Lady Company has been able to achieve a dominant role with the brands Hue and No-Nonsense.
Golden Lady employs 7,000 workers, of which 2,900 are in Italy.
Nerino Grassi is the Chairman of the Group and the headquartered are located in Italy, Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantova).

Women are by nature one step ahead. And as always, at every step they take they can count on a special ally: Golden Lady, the female fashion brand which is, and always was, a point of reference for women all over the world.
Golden Lady is always there to enhance women’s sensuality and femininity, without ever forgetting quality. We believe in research and we are constantly looking for new yarns and new technologies, shaping style in new, trendy ways. This innovative spirit, constantly monitoring the evolution of the market and of consumers’ tastes, has helped us become the undisputed leaders of the hosiery market.
A constant growth, with higher and higher targets. Yet there’s one thing that never changes in Golden Lady: we are always close to women, by providing innovative, trendy – but at the same time affordable – products.
Golden Lady wants to continue expressing a unique style by presenting a strongly personal, recognizable image, immediately noticeable and increasingly able to convey the modern, feminine spirit which has always been Golden Lady’s trademark.”

– taken from their website

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 2 – Small

Denier: 40 

Materials: 50% Cotton, 50% Viscose

Price: £5.50

Website: Amazon – Goldenlady Women’s Hold-Up Stockings, 40 DEN

My Outfit

I decided to dress these up a bit, and I felt like doing monochrome (nothing new there) paired with my Timberland heeled boots and oversized jackets. I wanted to be slightly dressy but still keeping it casual.

My Deets

Cami Top: New Look

Skirt: H&M

Oversized Jacket: Zara

Tights: Golden Lady

Choker: Independent Brand

Boots: Timberland


The Review

From The Website: The tights you will forget you are wearing thanks to the body without central seam. Semi-sheer tights, with the innovative comfortable seamless body, they stay in place, enhance your shape, perfect fit and comfort.

Adjustable waist and comfortable band
Leg massaging effect
50% Cotton, 50% Viscose
Machine washable – low temperature (30 ° max)
Hold-Up Stockings


The Packaging: now this was interesting when I got it out the plastic packaging it came in. My first though:-

“There is so much information on the front and even more on the back about the tights”

Don’t get me wrong, this is certainly not a bad thing as clearly they have so many unique selling points to them that they wish to expand on, and to be honest that made me want to get into them even more. There is so much about them that seem amazing, I literally had to rush through my pictures so I could get these on the legs to try out.

If you check out the bottom 2 images in this section, you will see how short the waist is on this. I swear I am even more intrigued to see what they’re gonna be like on now!


Getting Them On: I took my time getting these on the legs as I wanted to see how well they roll up. And I gotta say they glided so nicely up without no issues. I thought I would have to push and pull them in places to make sure I get an even finish with no lighter or darker patches on the legs, but I didn’t have to faff around like that.

I am loving these already!



On The Legs: I have no words…

Okay well I need words to write this review, so let me start off with the denier. Now I do like a good 40 denier when it starts becoming cooler, and I have to say these did my legs some justice. They look so smooth and so gorgeous and they actually help to slim them down slightly too.

The quality of these are spot on. I thought I would end up snagging them at some point, but I can honestly say that I had no issues whatsoever. If anything they were kept looking flawless all day long!

The fit of these are true to size and they were perfect. I had enough stretch for my legs to get good even coverage, but I would recommend going a size up if you’re unsure just so you don’t end up with patches of sheer and opaque on the legs.

The feel of them are so soft. They’re not a horrible rough feel that you can get with some pairs which aren’t nice. These are super soft and really are great. They treated so well all day and I cannot thank them enough to be honest.

One of the best 40 denier pairs I have come across in a long time!


The Toes & Ankle: the toes have some reinforcement to them, as you can see in some of the images below. It becomes slightly darker around the toes, which isn’t a bad thing as it’s not too noticeable until you look up close.

The toes have plenty of wiggle room to them and can breathe without feeling pressure added on during the day too.  As you can see, it does shade slightly darker around the feet as when you start moving, the tights end up setting themselves into position and this can mean a little more material is covering the feet than the rest of the legs.

Around the ankles, these are a lovely fitted finish with no wrinkles.


The Waistband & Gusset: I gotta say this waistband is so damn good! This sits a lot lower than tights I have worn before, and it is so comfortable. They are seamless so you won’t get any bumpy lines found anywhere when wear bodycon clothing. The band is nice and thick, and moves with you without you realising you’re wearing one. I gotta say I can rave on and on about these – they are one of the best seamless bands I have come across!

The gusset as you can see is stitched in and is a darker patch of material – once again they made it seamless so it sits all nice and flush against the skin without any raised parts.



My Thoughts?

Seriously I cannot recommend these enough. I am so glad I got my hands on a pair and had the chance to review them. I will certainly be buying this brand in future and trying out some of their other styles if their 40 denier is this good!

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  1. Well hello Golden Goddess😉

    This review is so nice to read,you’re so positive about these tights and as we look at them,they suit you perfect,you’re looking stunning in them.They are a lovely upgrade for your gorgeous legs and feet aswell👣
    Thank you Soni and have a nice thursday gorgeous!

    Greetz Andre😘