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Giulia Rufina 11 Tights

So these are my first pair of Giulia tights (I still can’t pronounce it!) I got these a while back but never got to review them until now, and seeing as the weather is just doing its own thing, I shall pull out the opaques once again!

I bought mine off eBay for cheap, but you can find the alternative from the website below!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 2 / Small

Materials: 95% polyamide, 5% elastane

Denier: 100

Price: £9.95

Website: Stockings HQ – Giulia Rufina model 11 opaque tights


My Outfit

I was trying my hardest to stay away from black and white, but I knew I was going to end up doing it when I decided that this skirt was the one I was rocking out. I tried a few beige tops, but nothing was doing it for me!

So I went for my ribbed v-neck top, along with my poofy skater skirt and I paired with my black court shoes (which I ended up leaving at work!) I added drop down earrings instead of studs to make it look a little more chic!

My hair I have to say was doing its own thing today, and I just left it to it!

My Deets

Top: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Giulia

Earrings: Aldo



The Review

From The Website: The Giulia Rufina model 11 tights are rich black opaques with a spiral sideseam, consisting of pretty lines and interlocking dots. The wide waistband and flat seams combined with a microfiber 3D construction will deliver the most comfortable wearing experience.

Spiralling side seam detail opaque tights

Denier: 100 – opaque

Yarn: 5% elastane, 95% nylon

Brand nationality: Ukraine


The Packaging: so the packaging is a small thin box (as the tights are quite thick) which shows the model wearing it at the front and some blurb at the back. I have to say I was disappointed with how these came, as the box had been destroyed in the post. Thank God these are thick tights as thinner deniers with no outer plastic would have certainly been ruined!


The Toes: you’re talking some serious coverage here. I managed to get my nail varnish to pop through a tad. They’re so roomy and don’t make your feet sweat too much either (depending on the shoes/boots you’re in as well). I would say they’re reinforced due to the thickness and I highly doubt any nails would be ripping through those!!!


The Waistband: is really comfortable. It’s thick and can feel quite tight at first, but during the day it sits really nicely on. I will mention that your underwear does matter with these; mine started falling down as I was wearing a silky pair, so maybe cotton or something equivalent would work better. I did have to keep pulling these up if I was walking around longer than a few minutes.


On The Legs: these mould quite nicely, however as it’s a thick denier, expect a few wrinkles and creases dotted around the leg. These are ribbed so they will make your legs look slightly thicker, so do think carefully before you get them if you’re not comfortable with how your legs look. I will say that these are a good denier which do have that solid colour throughout the legs; it doesn’t do sheer at any stage unless its really stretched.


The Design: I think is pretty subtle but quite nice, especially in A/W. It’s cut out, which means your natural skin tone pops through. You can always put colours underneath it or tanned deniers if you prefer. I didn’t as these were thick enough and I was overheating during the day!



My Thoughts?

I think these are great for what you get; simple, subtle and does the job. They might not appeal to some, but they’re comfortable, warm and I quite like the small side design on them.

I would recommend these to those who don’t like showing off their legs in sheers but want something simple to work with.

4 thoughts on “Giulia Rufina 11 Tights

  1. I love opaque. They are possibly the most erotic things you can wear when they look right. Look very nice, although would like to see more of the upper legs. There may be some photos missing. I Loved the close ups. Always nice to see the detail of the material on the legs.