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Giulia Pamela 40 Fashion Tights

Yep another pair of Giulia is here, and I have gotta say not only am I loving their new collection, but they have seriously bumped up their game in terms of quality. I used to find them so bad I stayed well away, no matter how cute or nice their patterned hosiery was, but I am seriously loving how they have changed!

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 2 – Small

Denier: 40

Materials: 85% Polyamide, 14% Elastane, 1% Cotton

Price: £6.99

Website: UKTights – Giulia Pamela 40 Fashion Tights N.1

My Outfit

I wore my bodysuit under my buttoned pinafore-like dress and added my favourite court shoes to finish the look. I added my Kat Von D lippy to finish it off 🙂

My Deets

Bodysuit: CdR

Dress: Forever21

Tights: Giulia

Shoes: Carvela

Lipstick: Kat Von Dee Vampira



The Review

From The Website: Giulia Pamela 40 is a wonderful pair of fashion tights by a designer that has done some incredible things with their range this season. What we like the most about these tights is their contrast. The network of fishnet patterns on the legs are delightful and sexy, and the mock suspenders further up are just as eye catching and edgy. But together the contrast is a new one and it is just as powerful and attractive whilst being inventive too. This is what every fashion tights designer aims to be and we absolutely love what Giulia have created here.

* 40 Denier
* Mock suspender
* Diamond pattern
* Strap detail
* Sheer leg
* Cotton gusset
* 85% Polyamide
* 14% Elastane
* 1% Cotton


The Packaging: so a little change up with their packaging on these. These seem a lot brighter and really do highlight the model and her legs – I quite like it, it makes a change from darker packaging.

The back goes into little detail about the hosiery inside, hosiery care and sizing as per usual 🙂

When you get in, you will find these folded around card and folded so you get the foot and leg shaping to it.


Getting Them On: as these are silky smooth, I will be using the cotton hosiery gloves to get these on to help it slipping around everywhere.

These were fine getting over anklets, and up the leg. I had enough stretch in them to glide them right up with ease.


On The Legs: my oh my! I gotta say I am loving this shine to them; subtle but effective. Now I firstly didn’t expect it as these are supposed to be a 40 denier, but actually look like 20 with the flash on them. Without flash, I would say they look around 30 – not as dark as you would like it would be, so something to be mindful of peeps!

The denier as I mentioned about is pretty light considering, and the quality is once again spot on. I gotta say this was a gorgeous pair to be in today; I got on so well with them and I found even if I did knock into anything or graze, it wouldn’t catch as easily or cause any issues like they normally would (in the past).

The fit of them are true to size; I felt these were perfect for my height and size. The feel of them are just amazing; silky smooth with a gliding finish to them. They were so nice to be in for work!

The design of these are also perfect for the office too; most of the leg is a diamond large net pattern with the top thigh working into a mock suspender look.


The Toes & Ankle: so around the toes we have a thicker denier strip working across, which I am hoping is reinforced toes. It doesn’t state it anywhere, which is shame so fingers crossed it is!

These have plenty of wiggle room, no additional material at the sides and certainly no pressure added either!

Around the ankles, these are a lovely smooth finish.


The Waistband: now this is interesting; all this design work at the top! So the band itself is amazing; it holds up well, doesn’t lose elasticity quickly and it does its job super well!

Now the design is really cool, and if you’re the type to show it off, then FLAUNT IT! I love the detail to it, and it just gives it such a cool overall look. I wish I could show you the full leg so you can see it as one visual piece, but another time maybe 🙂



My Thoughts?

I love how amazing these are on the legs, and that design too! They are certainly an amazing piece to have, with subtle work on the bottom working into something sexier on the top!

5 thoughts on “Giulia Pamela 40 Fashion Tights

  1. Good morning Soni,what a lovely start of this new week!I just had a look at todays review and it is awesome,your hq photos of your gorgeous legs&feet in these tights are stunning.And yes I’m looking very much forward,to see your full leg another time😉
    Anyway you’re looking fab and you’re good to go in this outfit and those killer heels!
    Have a nice day Soni!

    Greetz Andre😘