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Giulia Flirt 40 Hold Ups

One that a lot of you will have seen on YouTube under my shoe reviews – OnlyMaker Stiletto Black Bow Open Toe Sandals Review.

This pair I instantly knew I wanted to dress up vintage style as soon as I laid my eyes on them – they have such a semi-retro feel to them.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: S/M

Denier: 40

Materials: 84% Polyamide & 16% Elastane

Price: £9.99

Website: UKTights – Giulia Flirt 40 Hold Ups

My Outfit

Getting a little vintage – I paired my rockabilly dress with some nude/black sandals, so I could showcase my holdups. I loved the contrast of the heels with this outfit, and it makes a change from doing all black!

My Deets

Dress: Independent Seller

Holdups: Giulia

Heels: Onlymaker

The Review

From The Website: How many different trends and gorgeous design conventions can you fit into one pair of fashion hold ups? With Giulia, it seems to be as many as your imagination can hold. These hold ups have a net print, a polka dot, a mock suspender strap, and a lace hold up top, all in the same design. It sounds hectic on paper, but it works wonderfully well with Giulia’s skilled design team behind it. This is one of the most complex and stunning items of leg wear this season, and we adore them.

* 40 denier
* Mock suspender strap
* Lace top
* Semi sheer
* 84% Polyamide
* 16% Elastane

The Packaging

Getting Them On: I did my usual scrunch and roll, and slowly made my way up the legs before setting in place. I didn’t have to worry too much with the polka dot part; it was where I get the mock suspender straps that I wanted to pay a little more attention so they sit straight at the front and back.

These are fine going over anklets too – I would take extra precaution if you have sharper ones you wish to wear underneath.

On The Legs: how beautiful is this design? It starts with polka dots placed on a fishnet diamond base, that works upto a thin band that acts like a mock over the knee design, before it finishes with a mock suspender belt design at the back and front. I love how much is going on, yet it works so well together to create such a stunning piece.

The quality of this pair is really good – I have tried and tested Giulia in the past, and some pairs weren’t the greatest. This pair however, are absolutely brilliant and have lasted all day without and rips or snags! I am so impressed with how these have done so well!

The fit is true to size, and was perfect for my leg length and width. I sat my holdups a little higher, as I wanted the design to really shine through without being distracted by the welts. I had enough stretch to do this as well.

The feel of them are soft, and smooth on the legs. These don’t cause any irritation either, which is always good news.

The Toes & Ankle: these don’t come with reinforced toes sadly. Instead you get that diamond/fishnet base that starts from the seams and works its way up from there, making it perfect to wear with any type of footwear you like.

Around the toes, I had plenty of wiggle room, and there was no pressure added during my wear. Around the feet and ankles, I had a smooth fitted finish, with no wrinkling.

The Bands: are lovely! They have a large floral lace design, which runs across the band, with some reinforcement sitting underneath before the sheer leg starts. These come with double silicone, which sits well on the skin and doesn’t lose tackiness during the day either.

The bands stretch out well on the thighs, which is nice if you wish to sit them higher or lower, or if you have slightly chunkier thighs.

My Thoughts?

I am so impressed with this pair. I absolutely love them and think they are so beautiful to pair up with elegant dresses and skirts. I totally recommend these!

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