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Giulia Effect Up Chic Line Tights

When I saw these in my lap, I have to say I was super intrigued with the ‘Effect Up‘ – like what does that mean? What does it do? Is this gonna give me a rounder tushy or tuck it in? Is this a push up thing or what?

A lot went through my head when I was looking at them, and then I said to myself “Just get into them and see what happens

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 2 – Small

Denier: 20

Materials: 84% Polyamide, 16% Elastane

Price: £8.99

Website: UKTights – Giulia Effect Up Chic Line Tights

The Review

From The Website: Giulia Effect Up is an amazing range of shaping tights. They are slimming and sculpting, lifting your bum, shaping your thighs and pulling in your waist. But they are not the utilitarian items of legwear you might be used to from the world of shapewear. These are also backseamed for a gorgeous and feminine look and a classic vintage style too.

* 20 denier
* Slimming
* Backseamed
* Fine waistband
* Cotton gusset
* Excellent fit
* 84% Polyamide
* 16% Elastane


The Packaging: now the packaging makes it look super intriguing I will say, and I spent so long look at it before I managed to get my legs into them. I just wanted to know more about what they do!

When you get in, you will find these wrapped around card in their own plastic packaging ready to get on.


Getting Them On: now I have a long line up to do with these, which all starts from the toe seam underneath. I tried my hardest to make sure that these sat straight as they aren’t like the usual backseam you get; these were sewn in and very fine so it’s harder to pinch and place.

Getting these over anklets was fine as long as you take care.



On The Legs: well for a 20 denier pair, I felt these were pretty dark, I had to double check the packaging when I got them on as they felt and looked like a 40 denier pair. This isn’t a bad thing, but it did make me wonder.

The quality of them are pretty good, but I will say that I managed to make a few snags at the back near my seams (and the front too) which I am super annoyed with as I went all day without a single defect until I came home! These don’t feel or like a cheap pair, which I would say makes all the difference.

The fit of them are great and work for me well; I would recommend checking the sizing guide before you purchase or go one size up if you’re not sure. They won’t be baggy or anything, but can give you extra stretch if it’s needed. The feel of them are super smooth on the legs and lovely to be in. They have a lovely silky feel to them, even if they do look slight matte on the legs.

The backseam did annoy me I have to say. As it’s super fine and sewn in with the tights, it made it so hard to get these to line up dead straight. I tried my hardest and gave it over 6 attempts before I gave up.



The Toes & Ankle: are looking super great right now. It’s not made clear if the toes are reinforced or not, but I am liking that darker denier strip going across them. It reminds me of RHT stockings in a way!

The toes have plenty of wiggle room and are not feeling crowded in any way in these. The feet are comfortable enough in these and the ankles have a love;y fitted finish to them.

As you can see, the seam starts right from the toe seam and then works its way up; it’s a real fine seam on these pair!


The Waistband: now this is where the magic happens. The waistband itself is super comfortable and really hugs you nicely throughout the day. I expected it to be a little tight, but actually it feels like any other band you might wear.  These don’t slip down or squeeze you during the day, especially when you have eaten!

Now let me move lower down to under the tushy… And let me say that these do give you some lift! I had the band (where it has the diamond pattern to it) sit right underneath and it does lift it slightly.

Now I did wear mine higher than it should have been, purely because if I sat it around my top thigh, I would have been left with a bulge right underneath, so there was no way I was doing that to myself. As I sat it higher, it didn’t feel uncomfortable or anything; if anything I felt it lifted my tushy up a little more! You have the option to sit it where you want, but this worked for me a lot better.

Underneath all this goodness, the seam starts, so that is something to consider when you are thinking about your placement.




My Thoughts?

I would say these do their job well, and I will need to wear these again under a bodycon dress to really test out the slimming and sculpting aspect to it. I did love being in them regardless and it is different to shape wear; this is a lot more comfortable and you can still breathe in it during the day. I would recommend them for sure!

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