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Giulia Dragon Tattoo Tights

And hello again Giulia – I finally get to review these! I got these a while back from The Tight Spot and only got round to reviewing them now!

Now this review has got to be one of my funkiest ones yet; I was in two minds about what to wear and I came up with a statement combo to pair these up with. I have to say my work lot were stunned by the outfit, but in a good way!

Tattoo tights are perfect for those who want to create looks but without actually going through the pain of getting one done, and I really do like them. Some designs I have to say don’t do it for me, but there is such a massive variety to choose from now as they’ve become a big hit (especially with men too!)

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The Spec

Colour: Daino/Nero

Size: Small

Denier: 60

Materials: 90% Polyamide, 8% Elastane, 2% Cotton

Price: £7.95 / Sale £3.95

Website: Giulia Pari Tattoo Tights –Hosiery Outlet


My Outfit

So looking at the pics, it looks like a ringmaster in a circus de soleil you know, or maybe a jailbird. Who knows?! But I do quite like it – it’s a smart casual look for work and enough to go out in as well for evening drinks!

So the deets – the dress is a strapless bodycon which I paired with a thin blazer just to hide the fact that it’s strapless and then added my block high heels to make it more smart.

 My Deets

Dress: Miss Selfridge

Blazer: Jennyfer

Shoes: New Look



The Review

From The Website: The Giulia Pari Tattoo tights have a unique mock opaque hold up style. Featuring a tattoo design of a dragon on the upper thigh, above the mock thigh high part. These high fashion tights have a 60 denier opaque over the knee part, with a 20-denier slight sheen finish from the mock stay up to the top of the leg. Featuring a cotton gusset for a comfortable wear and flat seams for a smooth, even look under tight fitting clothes. 90% Polyamide, 8% Elastane, 2% Cotton.

– 60 Denier 

– Mock Over The Knee Tattoo Tights 

– Cotton Gusset 

– Flat seams 


The Packaging: I found the packaging very simple and very effective when I first got them out the parcel. It shows the model wearing them along with the brand name and model, and at the back it gives you a lowdown of the hosiery, as well as the sizing guide and the materials:

tights of fantasy collection


Getting Them Onnot gonna lie here but I did cringe a bit when I saw the creamy colour as the nude part. To get them on I always use my scrunch and roll technique, especially wearing anklets. These were smooth as anything rolling them up (and they’re fine over anklets by the way too!).

You will need to take care when you get to the nude part as the denier becomes a lot finer and it is easy to snag (I didn’t get any thank God!).


On The Legsthese look so damn good! I love the thick blacked out denier at the bottom which actually look like socks more than anything. You get some which are slightly sheer and you can tell they’re tights, but these are pretty much sock-effect like! I am loving that dragon tattoo too, as from far it looks so real a lot of people thought I got another one done! But close up you can tell (having chunky thighs it does stretch out a tad compared to skinnier ones!)  


The Toesplenty of wiggle room in here for sure! You do get slightly extra material at the end of the toes, but during the day it just moulds and fits really well. Toes are blacked out by the way, without a single spec of nail colour peeking through so perfect for peep toes (not too sure about open sandals though unless you’re into that!) 


The Waistbandcomfy as anything! It’s a standard one meaning it’s not too thin or too thick, and it doesn’t roll at any point during the day. The elasticity is great in these too, as I tugged it as much as I could just to see if it as good as when I first got them on – they are!! The band is different from the rest of the hosiery which I found slightly weird, but then again it’s not on show so I’m not complaining! 



The Look/Feel/Denier: so at first I was pretty excited to see the nude at the top. However, when they’re on, it looks a little too creamy for my liking and my legs look quite pasty. But in pictures, it looks quite natural so I suppose it’s not too bad! Good job that part was covered with my dress throughout the day! If you’re fairer skinned it would look better and blend in well, but I wouldn’t recommend to darker skin tones as it wouldn’t be as effective.

The feel of them are super soft, but they do catch little dust and fluff, so be wary of this as I had to keep dusting myself a few times. It’s mainly on the lower leg rather than the nude section!

The denier I love; it’s perfect to give that impression of thigh high socks with a tattoo, and up close the whole mock stocking look! Either way, I am loving it! I do like how these aren’t fully opaque on the legs as the denier wouldn’t be smooth where your legs bend, although it wouldn’t be that bad if they were.



My Thoughts?

I love them. I have to say I’m not too sure about the top colour (when it’s on you and not looking through a camera lens) but other than that I am loving the whole concept. If you’re a fan of mock stockings (and have a thing for tattoos) then I would seriously suggest this pair!

The quality is great, they hardly snag and from far, they actually look like thigh high socks. I love the fact that my Twitter fans really dig these too; I posted a video not long back, and well.. let’s say they were loving it!

The best part is that these are on for sale so you can get them for half the price!

4 thoughts on “Giulia Dragon Tattoo Tights

  1. The rules say I shouldn’t like these as much as I do. Tradition has gone right out of the window.
    …..But I do love the look so so much.
    Mi piache molto 😋