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Gispy BackSeam Tights

So this is a new brand that I wanted to try out! I got these from UK Tights Online whilst they were on offer, so thought it would be good to get a pair and trial them.

My Outfit Today:

I opted for darks seeing as the weather looks so horrid – my PU skater skirt along with grey boots (I did change these to my black boots instead – could not make my mind up this morning what I wanted to go for!)

I did go for a black chunky knit cardi to go on top to finish off the black masterpiece!!

Skater Dress – BooHoo

Boots – Marks & Spencers


So let me begin:

The packaging was pretty decent on these – it showed the design through the big hole at the front of the pack and a small pic in the corner showing the style (which is a backseam). They were easy to get out of the packaging and no snags either coming out!

You can see against the black that the backseam with the yellow spots do stand out greatly – I think it’s pretty funky and a different take on the normal backseams!

They do have reinforced toes which work into a thicker denier under the soles (you can see this in the picture below) so bonus there!

The lines are pretty hard to keep straight I must admit – you do need to pinch and pull if you don’t get it bang on the first time.

I love the fact that they are sheer from toe to waist and even have the backseam going straight to the top – bring it on short shorts and it’s a nice 20 denier sheer too.

They have a lovely matt-look finish to them, however I can’t say that they’re entirely smooth all over – They do feel quite grainy on the legs.

A good band on these – they are pretty strong and tight so running won’t be an issue! They haven’t moved all day so far or lost any elasticity.


One point I have to mention is that they do snag very easily – I managed to get a small hole in them after putting them on – god knows where it got caught!

Otherwise these are a fab pair to have in your wardrobe!


Would I recommend? Oh god yes. I mean just look at how different they look and such a simple yet stand-out piece! I love the fact that they’re yellow spots on the back instead of a different colour – from far they look like they’re gold and just adds that little pop to the outfit.


3 thoughts on “Gispy BackSeam Tights

  1. Love the fashion look of the backseam very classy look. Trying to keep the backseam straight is the biggest part. This I know just got Cecilia De Rafael Sevilla Chic Seamed Tights very nice glossy look nice feel fits perfect they are the Te shade with a black backseam. Read a tip am going to try out a long mirror so you can tell if the backseam is straight as you put them on seems logical.