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Gispy 10 Denier Gloss Tights

And I am back in the gloss once again, only this time I’m in Gipsy. So far I have liked the quality of them (especially being affordable!) and how they can last a whole working day! Normally a minority of my tights don’t – they end up snagging or falling down or just being a right pain in the bum.


The Outfit

I kept it very minimal today – just a red long jersey dress along with a pair of black boots as I had a lot to do at work I didn’t have time to glam up like I normally do. I suppose it didn’t help that I had to start earlier than normal and finish later either, but that gave me enough time to do a decent review on these babies!


The Review

So packaging – very much like the rest of the Gipsy collection. It gives you all the info at the front of the packaging along with a peep hole window to show the shade of them along with the details at the back. One thing I was so glad about is that these have reinforced toes on them! My last pair I reviewed – Fiore Idalia Gloss Tights I wasn’t too sure if they did (click the link to take you to the review)

So getting the out the packet, I actually giggled – they were longer than my legs! I had to double check I bought the right size! They are mega long and I was worried that these are gonna be the ‘slippers’ – where they gradually fall down the legs! I got them on but wasn’t tugging them up much as I normally do this time.

I noticed that they have the glide factor – which was surprising for a 10 denier. Normally you have to scrunch and roll with them but with these (being that long!!!) they just slid right up and yes, even against the anklets too!

The waistband is a little tight to begin with – even though it sat above my stomach! I cannot believe how long these are! These do loosen up during the day so rest assured.

I have to say they’re not as glossy as the Fiore Idalia, although they were a darker denier. I still do like them though – still think they’re decent!

Now I have to say I did encounter a little problem – they started slipping down! After a few hours of rushing around, I noticed that they started falling and the gusset is now going down my thighs! I am so not impressed – although being that long to being with, what would you expect?

Not only that, I managed to snag these super easily! I even watched myself to make sure I didn’t catch or bump onto anything, and I still managed to make small holes in them. I also noticed that they do stretch a lot and then leave the marks where they have. So you can see it pull in a few places. Now these are not looking good!

After I got home, when I took them off, you will see an image below of the waistband. It started curling. Normally a lot of my waistbands on tights don’t do this no matter how long I wear them for.


Now my overall opinion – I suppose these are ok for short-term if you need something to get you by for a few days. However I would not recommend if you’re into your tights like I am as I find they aren’t worth it. I would rather go with another brand than get these. I’m glad I gave them a go, however I don’t think I would be recommending these pair to anyone.


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  1. Wow mrs soni. I love your pantyhose feet and legs. They are so perfect. I want to ask you a question and hope you respond. May I please use your pictures to pleasure myself? Your legs and feet turn me on so much.

    Thank you.