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Girardi Twice Tights

So it’s a grim morning and what do I wear? I’ve still got a lot of nudes to get through, but I don’t fancy exposing too much today as it would look just weird. I wanted to be in a pair of patterned for a change seeing as I’ve done a lot of plain lately and actually miss statement hosiery, so these are out to play.

What doesn’t help my situation is it’s the woman’s time of month and nothing I pull out is doing it for me; I have tried almost everything with these pair and I can’t seem to decide on what to wear. The plus side is with it being quite dark and dull, I can wear something dark rather than light which makes it easier to make my hosiery into a show piece pair.

The Spec

Colour: Nero-Avorio / Black-Something

Denier: 50

Materials: 86% Polyamide / 13% Elastane / 1% Cotton

Price: £12.00

Website: eBay


My Outfit

I went with a cream top to begin with, but ended up changing into a green sleeveless shirt along with my quilted skater skirt, and added my small heeled shoes with it. I was going to go mega heel but then realised that I’ve got a busy day ahead of me, so decided against it and went for some sensible shoes!

I left my hair down, braided my fringe into a plait to the side and then just added small studs to finish off the look.

 My Deets

Shirt: New Look

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Girardi

Shoes: Dorothy Perkins


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The Review

The Packaging: one thing I have noticed about Girardi is how minimal their packaging is. At the front is a large image of the model wearing the hosiery along with the brand name, and all the rest of the details are mentioned on the inner card:

Top quality, classical elegance, sophisticated look, woman’s style, up to the latest fashion trends, accurate in all finishing; these are the keywords of Girardi production designed to fulfil all women’s expectations for most special feelings and all occasions.”

Quality Warranty

“Girardi dedicates to its customers the passion and experience accumulated in more than 50 years of producing the finest quality tights and stockings. Girardi quality is a sapient blend of the best fibres, the latest technology, skilled craftsmanship, exclusive to Italy, and dedication to detail. This gives rise to the finest products: silky and strong, comfortable and elegant, in the best tradition of an exclusive style.”

How To Slip Them On

“Please remember to remove any rings with sharp edges. Gather up one leg until the toe reaches the waist band. Insert your foot delicately into the toe and slip the tights neatly over your heel., then gradually up your calf and thigh. Now, do the same for the other leg. Then draw the upper part over your hips to the waist, without pulling too strongly or sharply.”

Care Instructions

“Hand wash only, in cold water and with delicate detergent, then rinse thoroughly. Do not bleach. Do not twist, crumple or expose to the sun or sources of heat. Do not iron.”


I got these off eBay a while back, hence why the packaging looks quite scruffy otherwise I am sure they would have been looking brand spanking new.


Getting Them On: you will find that these have a subtle shape of the legs, so use this to your advantage and line up as you go along. I used the scrunch and roll on both legs as I didn’t have time to mess around with the ‘pulling up’ technique in case it went pear shaped! These do feel slightly tight when you get them on due to the high denier, but they fit so nicely on the legs!

Don’t worry too much about pulling them up too high, as these do adjust themselves during the day and sit comfortably once they are in place.



The Design: I fell in love as soon as I saw it; it has to be one of the most unique backseam designs I have seen in my life! I love the skirt the model wears with it, which makes it look circus-like!

The front is completely plain, but if you wanted to, you could always switch this to wear it at the front instead and be slightly different. It starts right from the toes and works its way just under the bum, so you can get to show off this design as little or lot as you like!



The Toes: these are a solid opaque which I quite like, so perfect for open toe shoes. You may not think there is enough room in them, and you’re right. I do find these a little tight, and the worst thing is they don’t open up much either. My feet normally get quite hot during the day, and wiggle room is much needed, but these don’t offer that so you may want to think about the footwear you choose to wear with these and how long your nails are too (you don’t want them being squeezed into your toes – it kills!)



The Band: is a decent one! I have no complaints whatsoever with the band on a normal day, but seeing as I am feeling bloated and just sluggish, this did feel slightly tight on me but did loosen slightly during the day after stretching it a few times.



The Denier: is just amazing. I love that sheen they have when the light hits it! It just works so well and looks amazing! It’s a nice consistent denier too, which means no sheer patches around the hosiery, it’s all equal! Even though I say i love it when it does do the ombre effect, sometimes it’s nice to have that block working from the toes right up to the band. You will notice that the design at the back may stretch in different parts, which is completely normal depending on how your legs are shaped.



One thing I will mention is how damn good the quality is on these; yes they’re thicker, but the way they feel is something that I haven’t felt before. They’re tough, pretty much ladder resistant when you dig your nails into them and they are super fab. I decided to really give mine a good stretch to see if they did lose elasticity or rip, but they didn’t at all.



My Thoughts?

I wish I had these in my life sooner. They were totally worth the money and I love the brand as it is anyways. The only downside is the squeezed toes in them, but if I had really short nails, I don’t think I would have complained as much. I love the design and the denier, and both put together is truly stunning!

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