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Girardi Sinueuse Lace Up Tights

And we are back in Girardi after some time. I really adore this brand; amazing quality, gorgeous designs and they last you for a good while. I only came across it a few years back, and I have been a fan ever since. If you’re not a patterned or statement person when it comes to hosiery, then Girardi may not be the ones for you (unless you can get hold of some simple sheer pairs).

If you haven’t seen my previous review, see it here:

Girardi Twice Tights

Now not gonna lie here but I have worn these once before on a weekend, and forgot to take my pictures in them. So I slipped back into them again for work just to make sure that I get the images done for the review.

The Spec

Colour: Black

Size: 2 / Small

Denier: 50

Price: £12.00


My Outfit

So the main outfit (and not the previous I was in) I paired these with my black ribbed top tucked into my patterned textured skirt and added my black boots to finish off the look.

I added small studs and a long necklace to just add to the look as I normally can go quite bland!

My Deets

Top: H&M

Skirt: H&M

Tights: Girardi

Boots: Simmi Shoes

Necklace: Dorothy Perkins



The Review

The Packaging: so Girardi always has the legs of the model taking up most of the packaging which is quite nice as it really shows off the design. On the back, it normally doesn’t state a lot of info but for those who are always in hosiery (like I am) you get the jist of it.

You will find them wrapped around a piece of card stating the following:

Top quality, classical elegance, sophisticated look, woman’s style, up to the latest fashion trends, accurate in all finishing; these are the keywords of Girardi production designed to fulfil all women’s expectations for most special feelings and all occasions.”

Quality Warranty

“Girardi dedicates to its customers the passion and experience accumulated in more than 50 years of producing the finest quality tights and stockings. Girardi quality is a sapient blend of the best fibres, the latest technology, skilled craftsmanship, exclusive to Italy, and dedication to detail. This gives rise to the finest products: silky and strong, comfortable and elegant, in the best tradition of an exclusive style.”

How To Slip Them On

“Please remember to remove any rings with sharp edges. Gather up one leg until the toe reaches the waist band. Insert your foot delicately into the toe and slip the tights neatly over your heel., then gradually up your calf and thigh. Now, do the same for the other leg. Then draw the upper part over your hips to the waist, without pulling too strongly or sharply.”

Care Instructions

“Hand wash only, in cold water and with delicate detergent, then rinse thoroughly. Do not bleach. Do not twist, crumple or expose to the sun or sources of heat. Do not iron.”



Just Admiring: I thought I would show you all the shots I took when you get them out and before you get them on.  These are 3/4 the size of my legs which means it will be a lovely comfort fit. And the best part is that these are folded with the seams at the side and not flat on the leg!


Getting Them On: okay so I had a bit of a nightmare with these. I scrunched and rolled up one leg and whilst I was lining up the corset design at the back, I forgot that it’s supposed to sit at the back of the knees. What did I do? I ended up ripping it and created a hole! I was so gutted!!!!!!!!!


The other leg was fine, but I had to make sure that they were even, so I undid the bow and took it down one level (which did look a little odd to begin with) but I went with it and tried to forget my little dilemma!

Note: take extra care and always keep hairspray on you!


On The Legs: okay so on the legs these are fantastic! They hug so well and the denier is just brill; really nice and thick which makes the design at the back stand out.


It hugs and snugs where it needs to and it gives a gorgeous silhouette to the legs. Perfect if you need to cover those pins up and still wanting to look the part!


The feel of them are really soft and a lovely smooth matte feel to them as well.



The Toes: you get plenty of wiggle room on the toes. They have great coverage over the toes and feet too. I would say you can rock these with open toes if you really fancied or keep it closed if you’re not too comfortable doing so.


Not too sure if these are reinforced due to that faint seam across the toes there, but if they are … WHOOP DEE DOOOO!!!



The Waistband: dead comfortable! It sits around the belly button area on me, and during the whole day (and both times I have been in them) – they did not fall down or roll itself down once.



The Corset Back: so minus the fact that I destroyed it as soon as I got them on, it is just stunning and such a nice touch to them. I have to admit it does untie itself – but that is dependent on how you sit, if the back of them are being rubbed or caught in something.


Against the sheer is such a good idea; you can get some that are actually open and then tied but this can look quite tacky if it’s not designed or made right. So adding the sheer back to it, I find it looks a lot better and more elegant-like if I was to compare it.


I have nothing against the open stitch but it may not be ideal for some, whereas this would appeal a little more.


If you fancied, you can always change the lace to a different colour or a different size – if you have a steady hand and can work with small holes.



My Thoughts?

Apart from the fact I destroyed them, I really love these. The quality is great; they don’t snag, they hardly fluff up (meaning catch dust particles) and they just look great on! I love the lace-up design at the back and I would certainly wear these again!

I would recommend them if you can get your hands on them!

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