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Gipsy Velvet Leggings

Yep and another pair to review seeing as it can’t always be hosiery …

Wait I take that back! It can always be hosiery, but I like to switch it up for those who can’t constantly be in them like I can!

So this time I am in a statement pair of VELVET leggings – I was gonna opt for black but then I thought let’s go different and do burgundy instead!

The Spec

Colour: Burgundy

Size: Small / Medium

Denier: 150

Materials: 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane

Price: £14.95

Website: The Tight Spot – Gipsy Velvet Leggings

The Review

From The Website: Super soft and luscious luxury velvet leggings from Gipsy. These opaque leggings are the ultimate comfort for legs with a high fashion velvet weave that is silky smooth to touch. Perfect for keeping legs snug and cosy in the cooler weather. Available in black or burgundy, these high fashion leggings have a crushed velvet finish for a decadent look. These velvet leggings would look fantastic dressed up with heels for a party look and are suitable to be worn as trousers. 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane

– 150 Denier

– Luxury Comfort Leggings

– Super Soft

– Sheer to Waist



The Packaging: so they came pretty much how the images below show. Nothing to really say here …



Getting Them On: as these are a generic size, I had to pin these to make them fit me! Yep I did!

I need to probably stitch them at some point, but for now this will have to do so they don’t fall down!

Anyways you won’t need gloves or anything with these, just scrunch and roll or pull them up. I pulled them up to see what they’re like – and they got on just fine.



On The Legs: so these are crushed velvet (which looks like the below) which look super cool on the legs!

They fit really well, and don’t gap under the knees surprisingly. I thought they might due to the sizing, but they fit really nice.

These are quite thick which is nice (not in summer though) so you don’t get any kind of sheerness peering though anywhere.



Around The Ankle: excuse my stupid strand of hair in this image. I keep shedding at the moment! Anyways so the ankles fit really well. I thought they would be slightly bigger, but I am glad that they are just nice and snug so it saves me from rolling them up (if they were bigger). I hate it when some leggings have a wider ankle as it just ruins the look of them and makes them looks like trousers instead.



The Waistband: is a nice fit if they actually did fit me properly. It’s a slimline one, which works well to be honest and it’s so snug.

It sits around the belly button area, depending on how tall or small you are.




My Thoughts?

Overall, these are pretty cool but they would be much better if they actually fit properly. I love the design of them and how they look, but not too keep on the big waist!

One thought on “Gipsy Velvet Leggings

  1. It’s very pretty and elegant, with this color and material (a beautiful effect too), it highlights you, it’s perfect with the black top you have chosen. A real pleasure to admire you, Lady Soni ☺️.