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Gipsy Vanise Gloss Tights

Right we are back at it with the sheers in a more casual-like outfit (I say casual but it’s still pretty dressy) I really can’t seem to do a proper casual outfit unless I am in that sort of mood!

These beauts were purchased at a good price, and I have to say I do like this brand if you’re after something affordable.

The Spec

Colour: Nearly Black

Size: Small

Denier: 8

Materials: 85% Nylon, 15% Elastane

Price: £4.95 / Sale £2.50

Website: The Tight Spot – Gipsy Vanise Gloss Tights

10% Off Discount Code: Panda10

My Outfit

Seeing as I was off out and about, I wore my velvet cami top tucked into my oriental-looking skort (it’s a pair of shorts, but looks like a skirt from the front) and paired with my nude tie-up heels.

I kept my hair down and jewellery to a minimum as well. I just couldn’t be bothered to really dress it up this time.

My Deets

Cami Top: Tezenis

Skort: TopShop

Tights: Gipsy

Heels: Forever21



The Review

From The Website: Gloss tights from Gipsy with a luxury look at a great price. Soft, shiny gloss tights at a super sheer 8 Denier! With a reinforced toe and brief section for extra comfort, you can wear these pantyhose all day long at the office, adding a sophisticated and elegant look. These gorgeous gloss pantyhose have a choice of colours to ensure your legs look irresistible and perfectly styled with any day to evening outfit. 85% Nylon, 15% Elastane

8 Denier
Super Soft Feel
Reinforced Toe
Gloss Finish

The Packaging: I gotta say this is the 3rd time I am doing a Gipsy review where it’s come in this little box. It’s handy to keep in your bag as a back-up, but it does worry me as hey tights are folded inside with no protection so they could easily get snagged.

The box is very basic, with very limited detail to it. When you get in, you will find these folded down to fit. I have to say I thought these were super long when I had them spread out across the bed!


Getting Them On: so the hosiery gloves come out for this pair as they are super thin and super delicate to touch:

I thought just by looking at it, I might snag them!

I took my time rolling them over my anklets, making sure none of them get caught whilst I do this, and running it slowly up the legs too. Trust me when I say this was a long process with these!


On The Legs: okay so after all that effort I went to putting them on, not long after I managed to snag these up pretty bad. I had a few tiny holes and some scruffy markings across them in various places – I cannot tell you how annoyed I was! I might as well have been rough with them instead!

The quality is OK; I now can’t say really nice because it isn’t. I’m still annoyed if you can’t tell by my writing! There isn’t much stretch to these to be honest, so make sure you do check the sizing guide carefully before purchasing. Do go one up from your usual if you have to.

The fit of these were great for my legs; I felt they were true to size and I had no issues with extra material or too little material for that matter. The feel of them are so silky soft, it’s unreal. I was too scared to run my hands up and down them just in case 20 more snags might appear!

The denier is great for a lovely sheer coverage; and I found it super interesting that these are nearly black yet shade quite dark when they want to. I thought it was super cool and a great transition from when you need a pair working from day to night. I also used flash on some images below (near to the bottom) so you could see that shine. It is a lot shinier than that but as it was bright anyways, the flash tried its best!


The Toes & Ankle: so the toes are reinforced which is great as I really needed it with these. I dread to image these without reinforced toes and all the damage I have caused already!

There was plenty of wiggle room for my toes and feet to move and breathe, and there was no pressure added at any point either.

Around the ankles, it was a lovely smooth fitted finish, which works well with the ankle ties!


The Waistband: so he band is basically what you see below. It holds up well, no sign of it losing elasticity quickly and it does the job! I felt these hugged my waist without applying much pressure and there were no signs of it rolling over itself at any point which is even better!



My Thoughts?

I don’t know what to say really; I want to say they are good but then again I managed to destroy them so easily. It’s a mixed opinion; if you can basically keep away from everything and wear something that covers majority of the pair, then yes I recommend!!

3 thoughts on “Gipsy Vanise Gloss Tights

  1. Well hello good looking,I did enjoy your review today,thank you for showing off your gorgeous legs&feet in these black glossy tights😉
    Have a nice day Soni!

    Greetz Andre😘

  2. These look fantastic on your legs nice review the snagging issue is a pain have had that happen to me. Just when you love the look get a snag and is a bummer ruins your whole day not sure would buy these due to the snagging issue.