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Gipsy Multi Floral Jacquard Tights

Back into Gipsy we go, but with a higher denier and some florals added to the mix. I know it’s mad to be wearing thicker deniers now, but sometimes it makes a nice change.

Plus I like to target those (from time to time) who can’t wear lower deniers or show too much skin 🙂

The Spec

Colour: Multi-Coloured

Size: One Size

Denier: 60

Materials: 70% Nylon, 25% Polypropylene, 5% Elastane

Price: £9.95 

Website: The Tight Spot – Gipsy Multi Floral Jacquard Tights

10% Off Discount Code: Panda10

My Outfit

Keeping it simple in the office today, wearing my strappy black skater dress paired with my dusky pink heels. I thought it was super cute and decided to roll with it instead of court shoes.

My Deets

Dress: ASOS

Tights: Gipsy

Heels: Forever21



The Review

From The Website: Dress up your winter look with these stunning 60 denier floral patterned tights, from Gipsy. Designed with red, pink and blue flowers knitted into the black opaque tights to create an embroidered styled floral pattern. Made with soft materials that feel smooth on the legs. Featuring a reinforced toe for extra durability and a matte finish for a luxurious look. Ideal for any occasion; pair these floral patterned tights with a plain black dress and heels, allowing the multi floral jacquard tights be the centrepiece to your look. 70% Nylon, 25% Polypropylene, 5% Elastane

60 Denier
Delicate Floral Pattern
Matte Finish
Reinforced Toe


The Packaging: these come in open packaging (and yep no plastic around it either) so you basically get straight into them with ease. There isn’t much detail to them to be honest, as you get to see and feel the hosiery before you even get it on.

These come flat folded, with the foot section looking super wide there!


On The Legs: how pretty do these look?! They’re subtle yet enough to make that statement. Now I do have to say depending on the lighting you’re in, these can either look quite dark or pretty sheer. I wanted to show you in different sections of the room so you can see.

The denier is great for some semi-opaque coverage. I won’t say it’s a block colour or super sheer, but enough so your legs are given a lovely smooth coverage.

The quality is just sublime; no rips, no snags, not easy to catch and I had a whale of a time in them. I was rushing around all day and not once did I find these an issue. I will say these have plenty of stretch in them too, so the legs are hugged well.

The fit is one size, but works for me as there is plenty of elasticity in these to stretch them way out and not lose shape. The feel of them are soft and super comfortable. No irritation on the legs either 🙂

The design is just so feminine and really cute. The pattern works from the toes to the top thigh (before it becomes a boxer brief) so you get a good lot of it to show off. I like how there isn’t too much colour either; you’re working with mainly blues, greens, pinks and red. If there was orange, yellow, purple etc it would make it slightly harder and it would instantly become a lot bolder. I mean I don’t mind, I can wear anything but I like the simplicity of these colours.


The Toes & Ankle: so the toes are reinforced (YAY) which means you’re good with those long nails! Just make sure they’re not sharp otherwise you’re screwed!

There is plenty of wiggle room – as you can see below due to the extra material hanging around BOTH sides of the toes! It was a flat box shape before I got them on the toes, and to be honest it didn’t fit around the feet as much as I wanted it to. I suppose it being one size they can’t have it too fitted, but then again …

Around the ankles it was a lovely smooth wrinkle-free finish 🙂


The Waistband: so the band is a plain simple section from the band to the top thigh. This part I am hoping is reinforced!

The band itself is pretty slim, and holds up the tights really well. They sit around the waist (belly button height on me) and what I did love is that these didn’t roll over itself at any point or lose its elasticity with the amount of times I took them down and pulled them back up.



My Thoughts?

I think these are real cute and perfect for those who don’t expose their legs during Spring/Summer – it’s a way that you can still wear florals without having them on a nude base.

2 thoughts on “Gipsy Multi Floral Jacquard Tights

  1. Love the look of these floral tights and the Gipsy brand is a great choice and the O/S sizing in the Gipsy I can wear easily with room to spare. Have seen others but costs much more being they are the Gipsy brand have found they have great quality and fits and feels great on.